Allegra on ScratchKabin

Whenever a box arrives addressed to Allegra and Ruby King, my two product testers know that it’s time for them to get to work! They’re always very helpful with opening the boxes, and they can’t wait to see what fun new product they get to check out.

Their eyes got bigger as it became obvious that something really big was going to come out of this particular box. Once I got the KatKabin® it out of the box, it didn’t take Allegra long to claim it as hers, as you can see in the photo above.

KatKabins® are unique and innovative cat houses. The outdoor version stands above the ground and provides a warm, cosy outdoor shelter for napping, stretching and relaxing in all weather conditions. It comes with a removable KatFlap and a washable KatKushion. It is also available in a double door version and as a premium combination with a washable fleecy Winter Warmer which lines the internal body of the KatKabin® for added insulation.

We received their newest model, the SkratchKabin™, a scratchable cat house and bed. The outside scratching surface is made from rough carpeting. The ScratchKabin™ comes with a removable and washable cushion. It also comes with a removable toy hanger and a sisal toy mouse (see video below).

Ruby inside KatKabin

Ruby was the first of my two to check out the inside, and found it to be quite satisfactory. She thinks it’s going to come in real handy when she wants to stalk and surprise Allegra.

Watch both of them check out their new ScratchKabin™, and don’t miss Allegra’s excellent demonstration of how to use the scratch surface:


The KatKabin® and ScratchKabin™ comes in a variety of colors to match any indoor or outdoor decor. For more information and to purchase,  please visit the KatKabin® website.

***This giveaway is closed***

Win a KatKabin®  or ScratchKabin™ for your cat – a $99 value!

You will have a choice between the standard KatKabin® or the ScratchKabin™. To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win, and whether you’d like a KatKabin® or  ScratchKabin™. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is open to readers in the US, Canada and Europe. It ends Thursday, July 5.

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Only 2 days left to nominate!

164 Comments on Review and giveaway: Enter to win a KatKabin cat house

  1. I would lik to win the ScratchKabin. My cats would love to find new places to nap. They are indoor cats.I have 3 so I know there will be debates over who gets to use it. I would like the ScratchKabin because the one they have is really used and shows it. It is a great idea.

  2. I would love to win a ScratchKabin for my Lucy girl. She’s 15 and needs a place to hide away from my other kiddo Smurf who is only 3. He likes to play but she needs more seclusion and sleep as she’s a senior-gal. They are both rescues and I wouldn’t part with either of them but I need to get him to stop tackling her while she’s dozing.
    Thanks! =^.^=

  3. This is such a wonderful contest and any cat who wins will be lucky. My Jet And Spooky vote for the ScratchKabin™. They love to use their claws and I am so happy when it is on one of their scratching boards and not my furniture. So help rescue my furniture.


  4. Thank-you, Ingrid!

    My new Sphynx cat, Bea, would love a ScratchKabin, not only for the great scratching surface to keep her nails trim and neat, but for the cozy Kabin. Sphynx cats love and need to be warm. This would be great to help keep her body heat in. I could add a soft, fluffy blanket and in the winter, a heating pad for her.

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