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Here on The Conscious Cat, we’re all about conscious living. Conscious living means making choices that are in alignment with our value system, and for me, that also includes “green living:” making decisions that benefit our planet. When green living and cats come together, it’s definitely a reason to celebrate.

When I received the press release about Harmony House for Cats announcing its grand opening of their new eco-friendly shelter, I was intrigued, and asked for more information. The shelter, which will open on July 8, is slated to be Chicago’s first “net zero energy” commercial building. Net zero energy means that the amount of energy provided by on-site renewable energy sources over the course of one year is equal or  greater than the amount of energy used by the building. The building uses cutting edge geothermal wells, solar thermal panels and  solar photovoltaics technology to accomplish this.


But in addition to an energy-conscious design, the shelter is also designed with the cats’ well-being in mind.The design is organized around a central landscaped courtyard for day-lighting and access for all shelter users, visually and physically, to nature.  “Cats in every room of the new shelter will be able to nap in the sunshine, and look out at the trees and plants,” said  Board President Ann Dieter, “plus, the new building provides a sustainable operational future for Harmony House through the construction of a high-performance building that provides a replicable model to other non-profit  organizations.”


The building features bright rooms with lots of shelves, stairs and cat trees. Feline residents can enjoy the view of the great outdoors from window platforms built especially for this purpose. A large adoption room gives potential adopters the opportunity to spend time with the cats in something other than a cage setting.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, be sure to attend the shelter’s grand opening on July 8.

Harmony House for Cats is a cageless no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing and placing injured and abandoned cats. Each cat and kitten receives the expert veterinary care and one-on-one attention needed to be adopted into a loving home.

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10 Comments on Harmony House for Cats combines cat-friendly and green design

  1. I am so happy for the shelter! I got my Ted there years ago and have been a faithful buyer of their raffle tickets since then. I’m excited we get to see the new place on July 8th.

  2. Wow, looks fabulous!! The shelter where I volunteer has a marvelous sunroom with all of the above, but for health purposes, we rotate the kitties through in small numbers – that way, the FIV kitties get their time without potential exposure to kitties who may have a lurking URV that hasn’t presented with symptoms (of course all kitties on meds are kenneled on their own until well so as to not spread disease, as it’s such a serious issue with shelters!).

  3. That is awesome design for cats, more units and houses that people live in need to be designed like this. We see so many indoor cats suffer from poor design on their environment. The elements needed are so simple , like of extra shelving that is connected and extra wide window shelves with plenty of light. I have a dream to develop more pet friendly property. Thanks for the article

    • I love that more and more people are becoming aware that cat-friendly design doesn’t have to be all that complicated, Michael. I hope you get to realize your dream.

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