Guest post by Lorie Huston, DVM

Until very recently, feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline AIDS (FIV) were both considered to be untreatable diseases, fatal once an infected cat started to show signs of disease. Recently, a new product has been introduced that may change that fact. (In all honesty, this is not really a “new” product per se, having been around since at least 2008, but one which seems to be getting a bit more attention lately.)

TCyte: A New Treatment for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline AIDS

TCyte, a new treatment for feline leukemia and feline AIDS is a lymphocyte T-cell immune modulator. In the simplest terms, that means that TCyte works on the infected cat’s immune system to improve the cat’s ability to deal with the feline leukemia or feline AIDS infection.

TCyte is used to treat cats infected with either the feline leukemia or feline  AIDS virus who are experiencing symptoms such as red blood cell or white blood cell abnormalities and/or opportunistic infections.

How Does TCyte Work?

TCyte has several different effects on the immune system of the infected cat. It helps increase the number of lymphocytes formed in the blood stream of the infected cat as well as improving the way the lymphocytes function. (Lymphocytes are specific types of white blood cells that are an important part of the immune system and they play a crucial role in the cat’s ability to fight disease. They are often decreased in feline leukemia and/or feline AIDS infections.) TCyte also increases red blood cell production, helping to fight anemia in infected cats. In addition, it increases IL-2 production, which is also known to stimulate the lymphocyte reaction against viruses, such as the feline leukemia and feline AIDS viruses.

Is TCyte Proven to Work?

TCyte currently has a conditional licensure granted by the USDA. This means that additional efficacy and potency studies are in progress. However, in a study published in the International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine (Vol. 6, No. 2, 2008):

“A total of 23 FIV or FeLV-infected cats entered the study of which 22 qualified and completed as scheduled. No significant adverse reactions attributed to LTCI (TCyte) treatment were detected. Treatment with LTCI resulted in improvements in both clinical and hematological parameters.”

These results are encouraging. However, 23 cats is not a large number of animals. And the long-term benefits of treatment are still largely unknown although several of the cats in this study did survive for long periods. Much more research is needed in this area before we can really know how effective this product is in the long run.

Still, when you consider the deadly nature of these viruses, particularly once the red blood cell and white blood cell lines have become abnormal, this product might be worth trying if your cat is suffering from feline leukemia or feline AIDS. I have not, at this time, tried this medication in my veterinary practice yet. However, it is something I would consider should an owner be willing to attempt treatment, I think.

Have any of you had tried TCyte for your own FeLV or FIV-infected cats? If so, we would love to hear about your experience. Please share by leaving a comment below.

Lorie Huston has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 20 years. Besides a successful career in a busy small animal hospital in Providence, RI, Lorie is also a successful freelance writer specializing in pet care and pet health topics. 

Photo by Tomi Tapio, Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Hello! I am from Romania, I have a very anaemic FelV positive car (and another asymptomatic positive one). I am very, very interested in any information regarding RetroMad1, others than the ones presented on their official site. We do have the drug distributed in our country and I have already bought it. I don’t know why do you say it’s not expensive. For my cat, the treatment goes aroud 1000 euro/month (for oral administration) and half of it for subcutaneous shots. For 3 months. It’s a very high price for me, hope it’s worthy. I am interested in any experiences, dosages, prices, results on felv related anaemia…. Any relevant information. Thank you! is my e.mail

  2. Where can I get this for my Egyptian mau?
    She’s such a loving baby.
    She loves her life.
    Please help her. Fred.

  3. My cat has been on T-cyte (lymphocyte t-cell immunomodulator) for over a year. It has helped him a lot in terms of having more energy and not developing any of the other medical issues that can develop from FIV. He is thin and eats a lot and doesn’t gain weight but that has been the case since I got him. He has lived with me for over 3 yrs now and I know he is about 15. So he has outlived the life span of an FIV cat from what I have read. I would recommend it to any cat owner.

      • Judy and Sherry,

        I got in contact with T-cyte and they informed that the YSDA has decided to not renew their license. If you have any news regarding the treatment, please let me know!


        • Hi,
          I called T-Cyte a few days ago and are working on renewing the license. They told me hopefully with in 6 weeks. Go to their website and give them a call.
          They were real nice.

  4. I am curious if you have any experience with people using LTCI for cats with Felv that already have lymphoma. My cat’s oncologist is concerned that increasing production of the lymphocytes will lead to increased production of the bad lymphocytes.

    • Use RetroMAD1. It’s an antiviral that will only attack the FeLV virus. Add some Raltegravir if you really want to attack that virus. So far my cat has beaten FeLV & a brain tumor. She was given 10 days to survive as a little kitten, that was 5 years ago!

      • Hi, so happy to see that your cat is doing well! You mentioned somewhere that he or she was anemic. My cat has FeLv, secondary IMHA, 4th injection of LTCI and stable red cells count 28%.
        He is 2 years old. So, my question is did you started giving your cat LTCI then Retromad1 then Raltegravir? My vet has never used these meds but was kind enough to accept to try LTCI. Would you mind telling more about dosage and results? I will provide her with the article that you posted. I am looking for information for myself, a relevant reference. Please help. Thank you.

    • To: TheCatWhisperer or anyone else who can help!!

      Please tell me how and where to get that. I am struggling with severe health problems myself, and it’s hard to research things. My precious kitty is sick with pneumonia and they think maybe a mass. I have limited funds. And time is of the essence.

      He was always sitting at the bottom of the downstairs steps, waiting for my son, and I didn’t realize how cold it was there this winter. I believe it lowered his immune system.

      My heart is breaking. He slept by me every night and is the sweetest thing. So friendly and loving.

      He was fine up until a week ago and he seemed a bit off his food.Then Friday he barely ate. Saturday nothing -so syringe fed him. Then his breathing started getting bad so had to take him to the emergency vets, which was very costly, for not a lot.

      I could not afford to let them keep him to do biopsies or ct scan or ultrasound, but they gave him 2 antibiotics to give ant home and will go see my own vet tomorrow.

      Have only gave 2 dose, plus they gave one 12 hour iv or shot antibiotic, there -but his breathing seems a little bit better.

      Want to try to get these as soon as humanly possible to help him get past this and maybe treat whatever else is going on.

      My heart is breaking …

      • I forgot to say he has felv, thats why I’m on this site, trying to help him and figure out what to do. … And I feel like time is of the essence.

        Not only is he fighting off the pneumonia, but he may have lymphoma. … He was a stray we were going to CNR, but then found out he had felv. I had put on the chart not to put him down if he had it, because I have heard there are shelters around, and figured he’d at least have a life there. I never really even dreamed he would, as all our cats were strays (we live in the country, people drop them off out here), and none over all these years have had anything like that.

        He was sitting out our house for about a week, a couple times I caught him just sitting three feet away from our old grandpa cat that liked to go out and sit in the sunshine. -He didn’t go close, just “near”. And sit. -It was like he wanted a friend, and he knew there were other cats here.

        But I kept my cats in, after that, just to be safe. -Then he would just sit out there looking at the house and meow every so often. Like “Hey, I’m here, see me!”

        I figured I’d take him and get him done at the local low cost spay clinic, then he would go on his way (maybe he was just looking for a female, though all my cats are “fixed”). … So I did, and it really ticked me off about them, that they “clipped” his ear to say he was feral. … When he wasn’t! He was tame and super friendly.

        But I wasn’t sure if we could catch him easily (we did) and I wanted to be able to bring him in and have them do it that day, as I had no place to keep him, and I will not bring a new cat in our house unless it is tested.

        So even though he was in a carrier, and not a trap, they had to mark him as a stray to be able to do him the day we caught him, cause I couldnt keep him for days for an appointment.

        My son took him down and couldn’t reach me, or if I had known they were going to do that, I may have said ‘let’s keep him isolated somewhere till the appointment’. -If he ever gets out, I think a clipped ear might make some not nice people think “oh, this is just a wild cat no one wants”, and they might do something bad to it.

        But worse than that, I am guessing that because they saw he had felv, they were not careful. Or clean and sanitary. -He came home and we were going to keep him in a cage in my son’s room till he recovered for a few days. So it didn’t happen here. Cause he was just in that cage. … They broke his left heel (probably tossing him around, I think) and even worse, he got a severe infection where they neutered him. My vet could not believe how bad it was, and told me that’s a place she would never go to, after that.

        But he recovered from that with care and a lot of hard work from my son cleaning it and giving the medicines etc. AND my great vet doing a big cleanup on all the dead, necrotic tissue she had to remove form their (as I see it) botched up neuter job!

        And at first I was frantic to bring him home to my house. After the kids called me saying he tested positive, I was stunned. I was calling all day, trying to find a place … but no one would take him. Or answered. Or called back.

        I kept trying for the next week, but at that moment, I had no choice but to bring him in and just keep him isolated. … I was calling every shelter within driving reach -even hours away. I was terrified to bring him in my house. But after reading more about if, I did find that the virus DOES shed and die very quickly. … So we took precautions and just planned on finding him someplace to go to as soon as possible.

        The one nice girl from the vets said she’d try to place him somewhere, as she did that kind of thing with some group. So until then, he stayed in my son’s room.

        … It ended up he is the SWEETEST kitty ever! He is so loving and just is so happy to have a family! He is SO attached to my son. He is like a little puppy dog, following him around!

        Some cats are standoffish … but he is SO happy to see you! … Anyone! … It’s sad we have to keep him separate from the other cats, because he wants a friend SO badly!! … He watches them out the window. And he tries to call them over with his mrowlings!

        But this is just a long way to say how he worked his way into our lives and our hearts. … She never was able to find him a home. But he found a home with us. -And a more friendly, loving, sweet cat you will never find. I sometimes thing he must have had a really hard life to just want so much love from anyone he sees!

        And after that first bad infection he recovered from, from being neutered, he has been healthy and fine.

        But now he has pneumonia. He is responding well to the antibiotic, just the few days he has been on it. But on the other side they think it could possibly be lymphoma. … I just want to do everything I can to help him. … And start as quickly as I can!

        I have limited funds, but will go without … beg, borrow, or steal (not really) but I will go without anything I need, to help him!

        I have other cats, but they never sit by me or on my lap …. I do all the work for them, they’re like the ‘expectant crew’ … I’m the feeds them when they’re hungry, that person to let them out and in, the one who gives treats, etc. … Who pets them and plays with them. … Who takes them out and watches them to make sure they stick around the house. Takes care of them if they get sick. … And so on

        And yet they (rarely) choose MY lap to sit on or ME to lay by! -But they love my sons!

        But this little (big, I should say) kitty, is so happy to see me. (even though he DOES love my son the most!) But he is just so loving! He wants to rub his face all over me when I give him kisses on the top of his head!

        And he sits beside me right up against me. Or crawls in my lap! … Or sleeps in my arms. … I don’t have to PUT him there, he just COMES and plops down! He makes me smile a lot!!! He has brought me a lot of happiness!

        And he is so young, too. Just a few years old. If I lose him, it will break my heart …

        So if anyone can lead me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. I am just feeling overwhelmed at what to do.

        • Hi Cathy, I’m so very sorry to hear what you are going through. I feel your pain. I’ve been there in that situation – I lost my beloved Raphael this past May from FELV, only 5 years old. I can only give you advice based on my personal experience, and I hope you find at least some of it helpful. What I learned is, the most important thing is to keep things as stress-free as possible for your cat. Keep giving him lots of love. Do whatever you can to make him happy and comfortable. Take away as many sources of stress as you possibly can. Cats pick up on our emotions too so even though you are so worried and stressed out, please try to be relaxed and calm around him. Try playing some calming music for him, like harp music or ambient music. Or Enya. Pay attention and see what he seems to enjoy. Try to find another FELV positive cat who also craves feline companionship, so they can keep each other company and have a buddy. If riding in the car really stresses him out, find a vet who makes house calls. Don’t put him through any unnecessary invasive tests or procedures that won’t prolong his life. This is the part that is hard to tell you: if he is already severely anemic, has stopped eating and started hiding, and especially if he has cancer, it is probably too late already. The best thing in that case would be to have a vet who makes house calls come put him to sleep at home, surrounded by those who love him. Some people say they have had miracles for their cats, using TCyte and RetroMad. I tried both on my Raphael, and in his case, they made him worse and hastened his demise. The only product I can recommend is a product called ACS 200 (Advanced Cellular Silver) by a company called Results RNA. Give him 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon 3 times per day. If he doesn’t want to eat, put his food in the blender with some water and give using a syringe. I wish I would have just stuck with that, and not tried the TCyte or the RetroMad. I can’t say that the ACS 200 would have cured him, but it seemed to be helping him. I believe he would have been around longer with a better quality of life if I would have only stuck with that product. My prayers are with you, please let us know what happens. Hugs, Colleen
          P.S. – for anyone who has had success with RetroMad, I have 3 sealed unopened bottles of it still, so please contact me if you are interested.

          • I dont understand how RetroMAD1 could make your cat worse? That’s like saying someone with HIV would be made worse by taking his antiviral medication. RetroMAD1 is a broad spectrum antiviral that kills and inhibits the FeLV virus from replicating. If a cat is too sick to recover that is one thing but I do not believe and there is no evidence that RetroMAD1 can make a cat worse.

        • Order Raltegravir it’s a human HIV drug that is safe and will begin to lower the virus in his blood. Also order RetroMAD1 from the company Biovalence in Malaysia.

  5. @TheCatWhisperer, just got my RetroMAD1 delivered. A bit of confusion on the dosage of the drug. The 0.05ml/kg is clear but there seems to be conflicting info on how many times a day the drug should be given. Biovalence’s instruction states two times day, yet on a link Biovalence provided stated 3 times a day. Which regiment should I use? Thank you!

    • I have had my FIV cat Nacho on T-cyte injections for about 6 months. He was a feral cat I TNR’d. URI, all bad teeth, symptomatic, tiny. He was turning out super sweet and I didn’t have the heart to euthanize. I adopted him, had all teeth pulled. We couldn’t get rid of bad upper respiratory and mouth ulcers until he went on T-Cyte injections. He still has a bit of URI / or allergies, but everything else cleared up. He is a ball of energy and enjoying life. I would be interested to know what others are paying for these shots.

  6. @TheCatWhisperer, about a week ago, my cat Momo was diagnosed with FeLV. Our vet tested the other two cats, Charcoal and Clair due to Momo’s FeLV status. Although both Charcoal and Clair tested negative for FeLV, they both tested positive for feline coronavirus. Both Charcoal and Clair are asymptomatic now. Should I start all three cats with RetroMAD1 and Tcyte? Thank you very much.

    • yes I would start both. I would try to get RetroMAD1 as soon as possible as I know for sure it works. LTCI has worked on some cats and not others but it’s worth a try especially if you live in a State where you can have it shipped to your house then each LTCI shot costs $50.

    • I’m following updates from you all. I am in NC. I fostered, then decided to adopt a cat that tested positive for FIV. She is about She’s about 2.5 years old, and started showing symptoms last year.

      The main issue is dental bacteria, inflammation (possibly stomatitis), drooling, bad breath, and low weight.

      She doesn’t eat much. The past couple weeks, she wasn’t eating at all. I had to give her a food and water mix by syringe, antibiotics, and tramadol. She finally started back eating and drinking. I give her HILLs Healthy Advantage cat food, sprinkled with Lysine and vitamin supplements given by my vet.

      My vet ordered the tCyte injections. I’m waiting to start them on my cat, Rachel!

      Question…can the injections be given even when a FIV cat has symptoms, such as the dental infection?

      Thanks, and let’s hope all our cats benefit from this new technology!

      • Yes LTCI is supposed to be given when symptoms occur. Also order RetroMAD1 and give it to the cat 3x a day. It’s an antiviral that will kill the FiV virus

  7. Hi!My name is Pissy. My 2cats found positive for FIV. I am really interested in LCTI.Now they’re asymptomtic.Is there a possibity for my cats to be negative or completely cured if I take LCTI continuously?

    • I do know a lady who used LTCI on her FeLV & FIV positive cat and after the LTCI treatment he no longer tested positive for FeLV. Unfortunately it didn’t change his FIV status though.

      • @TheCatWhisperer Thank you for your information.I have some hope that my cat will be negative by LCTI. How about retromad1? How can I order it? By the way,I’m living in Southeast asia.

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful thread. I just started doing T/N/R work in Brooklyn, and of course, fell in love and adopted a local stray four months ago. We’ve named her Olivia, she is between 5-8 years old and we just got back an FeLV positive ELISA and IPA test (she had a positive SNAP test when I first trapped and spayed her in October). Her first blood panel came back yesterday and is normal (I’ve had her on a cocktail of medicinal mushrooms, turmeric, Integrative Theraputics Cellular Forte Max3, and powdered vitamin C in her food for four months. I also only give her filtered de-chlorinated water.) We got back her positive IFA today and my vet has never heard of LCTI when I brought it up. Olivia is not yet showing any signs of illness but especially because of the positive IFA I want to start her on some sort of immune system maintenance. The vet said she’d get back to me regarding LCTI after I sent her some info but my vet still seems suspicious of it. I’d like to start Olivia on Biovalence’s RetroMad1 as well but I don’t know if I can convince my vet to enroll her in the clinical trial Biovalence in Malaysia requires. Does anyone know of a vet in the NYC area that would be willing to work with me? This is the info I found on the RetroMad1 website:

    • I am also from Brooklyn and I’m the first person to import RetroMAD1 into the country. What’s your email address? I can tell you exactly how to treat you ur cat. I know a lady who’s cat tested IfA positive, used LTCI and now the cat tests completely negative. Also in NY you can order LTCI straight to your house and give the cat the injection yourself.

      • Thank you so much for your guidance I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! When I started doing T/N/R in my neighborhood colony, I was so sad to find both FeLV/and FIV. We nursed one very sick double positive tomcat until he was stable enough to be neutered and then sent him to Aslan’s Sanctuary in upstate NY for FeLV positive cats, and now I am doing my best with Olivia, the FeLV positive female cat I have rescued from our block. I was confused on the T-Cyte page because it looks like it requires a vet license number to order? (See link below.) I’d love to try both LTCI and RetroMad1, especially as Olivia is currently asymptomatic but IFA positive. My previous cat lived to be 23 years old so I got pretty good at giving injections (B-12 shots anyway). I’m happy to give Olivia the shots myself. I can’t thank you enough for talking me through this, here is my e-mail: ConciergeJacqueline@Gmail.Com This is the LTCI webpage I found confusing as it seemed to be for licensed vets only: P.S. I also have been reading about Acemannan but it looks like the company that used to make the injections stopped (CarraVet) and the powdered brand (Verapol) that the holistic vets were recommending is also discontinued. I was just wondering if anyone else was looking into adding this to their arsenal?

        • I would like to learn more about all of this as well! I’m working with the sweetest stray cat who unfortunately has FIV and his blood work is VERY abnormal (so it might be too late). I think I’m getting him past a URI and rather severe anemia (after a month of treatment) but he started a cough today and I think there’s blood in his urine. He is also quite thin. I’m giving him daily fluids, NHV Felimm, NHV multi-essentials, liqui-tinic (iron sup), Viralys (L-Lysine) and a mix of Fancy Feast and prescription high calorie canned food. Fortunately, I live near a vet in Waynesboro, VA who supposedly has access to the LTCI treatment and I left a message for them to call me today. I’m also interested in the RetroMAD I. My email address is Thanks!

          • I’d like to add that the tcyte was a life saver for my guy. He’s still with me and doing very well and it’s August 2021 now. 🙂 Haven’t had to use the Tcyte since the initial first several rounds – I think a 10 pack and a few 3 packs…

        • Add Raltegravir to the mix. It stops FeLV from replicating. Call the service number on the TYCTE website and tell the operator who answers that you live in a state where its legal to ship directly to you. Then tell her/him NY and they will ship the LTCI to your house.

          • Thank you for the advice regarding the TCYTE operator. I Just ordered RetroMad1 from the website, I’m not sure how long it takes to get from Malaysia to NYC? Maybe a month with customs? I also told me vet about Raltegravir and she’s been reading up on it.

          • Hi Jaqui. So you are in NYC too? What Vetenarian are you using? What’s your email I’d like to compare notes. Also did u ask the people who make LTCI if they would ship directly to you?

          • Hi, I am treating my FeLV positive boy with RetroMAD 1 and Tcyte. I live in South Africa and I am struggling to source Raltegravir here. I will be in New York for a few days, does anyone know of a supplier or vet that I can get Reltegravir through ? I have a prescription from my vet in South Africa.
            Regards Brendon

      • TheCatWhisperer , my 6 month old kitten was just diagnosed FELV+, I would love to hear about your experience with RetroMAD1, Im considering ordering it. if you could email me at I would greatly appreciate your insight and experience with it! thank you!

      • Hi my name is Ellie and my cat is showing signs of fiv I’m on no benefits only rely on my partners wages that only support a roof over our heads please help
        Kind regards


      • @TheCatWhisperer, my 14 months old rescued cat Momo has been recently diagnosed with FeLV. I am in Los Angeles. Do you, by any chance, know any vet you would recommend? If don’t mind, would you please email me on your thoughts and experiences in treating cats with such condition. My email is: Thank you very much.

    • @TheCatWhisperer, I would like to talk to you about RetroMAD1 and Felv, I just started treating one of my cats with it and have some questions and one theory about a possible final cure. You seems like the only one that knows about the medicine and have consistent proof about the way it works. How can I contact you?

        • @TheCatWhisperer I just started at Park Slope Vet with Olivia, I would very much like to compare notes as well. I’m trying to stagger expenses and since I just ordered RetroMad1, I need to wait until next month to order T-Cyte. I adopted my cat from the colony in the neighborhood I started T/N/Ring last summer. You can reach me at ConciergeJacqueline@Gmail.Com P.S. I don’t believe I received a confirmation e-mail after ordering RetroMad1, did you get a confirmation or did it just show up on your doorstep a few weeks later?

          • My cat is doing very well with LTCI. She is still sick (blood test) but completely asymptomatic.

    • please help tell me how .I SPENT over 2000 to save him ,,,he was born outside to a stray cat and started getting cold so took him and he tamed and love him .he has FeLV and he had blood cause he low .wish i could afford more this saw could save him my vet want alot of money for it ,,,can help me save him .he to young to die

      • There are less expensive cures out there. More research needs to be done on intravenous sodium ascorbate (sodium salt of vitamin C), Hydrogen peroxide, and ozone.

        Do the real research instead of media hype by pharmaceutical companies and you’ll find more useful treatments. If only more vets would follow this route.

        The problem with most of the IV C therapies I see is that they are using it periodically instead of continuous IV over several days.

        What would happen if we treated infection with periodic “once a week” antibiotics?

        Ozone Therapy for Dogs and Cats

        “Suppression of human immunodeficiency virus replication by ascorbate in chronically and acutely infected cells.”

      • wanting to try t-cyte for my cat, my dad actually studied vitamin c therapy I believe it works but has some flaws, mainly being it’s hard to get the proper equipment without expensive vet visits or putting an IV into a very angry cat. Write me please!

    • I wish to add: Some people trying this protocol report that while the treatment help considerably their cat still maintained the virus. It appears that in late stages this may not be a complete cure, though it always seems to give great improvement.

      I am researching as to why this is. I am looking into the possibility that when saturation of the virus occurs there are various “pockets” in which the high dose vitamin C in the bloodstream does not reach and therefore leaves pockets of the virus behind. However, since the vast majority of the viral infection is destroyed the patient almost always has a huge improvemnet.

      Here is some further research on Human Immune Deficiency Syndrome using a similar protocol:

      Dr. Robert F. Cathcart III, MD

      • I was reading about all the HIV medications out there, how they work, and which ones work on FeLV in cats. It sounds to me like there is a possibility of curing FeLV with the correct medications. There are medications to kill the virus in the blood, medications to prevent the virus from multiplying, medications to block the virus from entering new cells, and there is medication that can help kill infected cells. If you add all that into one protocol that should be enough to completely kill the virus.

    • hi there

      can anyone help me as i am trying to get hold of this t-cyte for my cat. i am living in thailand and my cat has FeLV, can anyone help me. please

      thank you

  9. Hi there. I have two cats who have tested FeLV positive but are not currently showing symptoms. I am devastated, though of course grateful they are currently asymptomatic. From reading this page, it sounds like starting them on TCyte could be a good idea? Does anyone know about possible side effects? I am willing to try anything that cannot hurt them.

    • STRONGLY recommend it – ASAP! Look at their website and read everything. I believe this drug has major promise. Used it, just too late.

      Super high quality diet (no dry food!) and stress free home…and all the love you can give.

      • Where do I find a vet that is willing to prescribe it? The two I have spoken to one has never heard of it and one doesnt want to prescribe it because he said he hasnt seen any promising research. Is this something to give even if they have no clinical signs

          • You can order it to your house in certain states. Someone posted on another site that they had two cats test FeLV positive on both the ElSA & IFA tests multiple times. She used LTCI and both of them were cured. I’ve also heard of LTCI not working. i used it on my cat for a while but I don’t know how much it helped because I use a cocktail of antivirals. All the Vets told me she wouldn’t make it past 10 days that was 3&1/2 years ago.
            If your Vet won’t prescribe medicine just go to a new Vet. The customer is always right. I don’t understand Vet’s who won’t try everything when it’s a terminal disease. What harm, worse than death, can LTCI do that a Vet wouldn’t try it.

          • Thanks for the response. Its tough, maybe its just my area but the minute a vet hears FELV positive they pretty much give up. We re did her bloods this week and her HCT has actually come back up to normal. We are thinking she had a reaction to the convenia shot which put her in Hemolytic anemia. Ims till not able to find anyone for LTCI but the interferons eems to be helping immensely

        • Liz, I have a vet out here who will do it for ONE cat for a mere $2,000 for the first month’s treatment! My kitties will have to learn to live with the disease.

          • can anybody help me get the LTCI i already tried and lost doses trying it to get into mexico! please im desesperate and knocking everydoor possible!

          • My vet gave me an amazing price but unfortunately my kitty has had 7 injections and no response. I have 10 so we are going to use them all but I dont think its going to do anything for her

    • We have two cats, one positive for FeLV and one negative. We’ve had Callie on the shot since July. Her IFA test came back positive, but we have hopes that since she’s asymptomatic that future shots can result in a negative test. She has had no reaction to the shot and we’re fortunate that our vet tech comes to our home to administer it. The first few shots are expensive, but monthly maintenance is not as expensive as a vet visit. We decided to give her every opportunity to hopefully reverse it. She is 3 yrs old and plays like a kitten. You’d never know she had it. Good luck to you in your decision, but to us it’s definitely been worth it.

      • Forgot to mention, Dana is right. Feed a super-high quality diet and keep stress to a minimum (reason we have vet tech come to our house). Our girls love each other and I believe our other kitty Katie is a tremendous support system for Callie.

    • Intravenous high dose vitamin c (even sub-cutaneous) will cure FIV!!! But you have to continue dosage consistantly for 3 days. One shot of C helps, but won’t cure. You must continue until all the virus is destroyed which takes 3-5 days.
      Also NEVER give a cat with FIV or FeLV a vaccination. It can weaken their system and cause them to become extremely sick! Our cat nearly died because the vet we first took the cat to vaccinated it because she said state law required it. She knew better, but didn’t want trouble from the state!

      • As per our comment guidelines, we cannot verify the veracity or accuracy of information or recommendations provided in reader comments. While there is much information about high dose vitamin C treatments for humans, there’s no information on how it affects cats. I do not recommend following this protocol without veterinary supervision.

    • The cure for feline leukemia and FIV:

      Sub-cutaneous consecutive injections (loose skin in neck) for three days:

      Protocol: ( for normal size cat 8-12 lbs)

      Items: Pharmeceutical Grade sodium ascorbate. You can buy online at various places, ebay, amazon, etc.

      40ml vial with septa cap is best (can draw with needle through septa)

      about 20 insuline needles with small (30 GA) 3/8″ needle (others will work, but smaller the better)

      In 20 ml. of distilled water mix 5 grams of sodium ascorbate. dissolve completely (may take some time and several shakes)

      This makes a 25% sodium ascorbate solution.

      For first 6 hours inject 1.0 ml. of 25% solution every 2 hours. start- first injection, 2 hours = 2nd injection, 4 hours = 3rd injection, 6hours = 4th injection

      then repeat injections every 4 hours until a full 3 days of injections.

      During the first few hours your cat will have an immune reponse (some call this a herx reaction, but I believe it is an immune response)

      Cat will get chills and fever will go very high, but let this run it’s course and continue injections. Fever will drop after several hours and within 12 hours will be low fever or no fever.

      Continue injection for the remaining part of 3 day period.

      At the end of this protocol your cat should be completely free of the virus.

      It is difficult on some cats because they don’t like the injections. But it is worth the effort.

      This will also work with an IV directly into the vien giving 50 – 100 mg of sodium ascorbate per hour, but the solution should not exceed one part sodium ascorbate per 20 parts saline solution (1 gram sodium ascorbate per 20ml saline solution, a weaker solution is acceptable)

      • As per our comment guidelines, we cannot verify the veracity or accuracy of information or recommendations provided in reader comments. While there is much information about high dose vitamin C treatments for humans, there’s no information on how it affects cats. I do not recommend following this protocol without veterinary supervision.

        • Ingrid, I have to agree with you on that one. Distilled water is not sterile and if you inject it under the skin or God forbid intravenously the bacteria in the water might just kill kitty. I’m sure there are already sterile Vit C injections available, but that high of a dose can’t be good for kitty.

    • Hello, My FeLV positive cat was about to die about two months ago and so I started giving her t-cyte LTCI and Omega Interferon both together. After a couple of weeks my cat became healthy again and now she is like she has never been sick. I dtrongly suggest this therapy.

  10. I trapped a feral cat who was FIV+ and badly injured. I kept him at the vet for a couple of weeks for treatment, then after some research, started him on TCyte. They only had one other cat there getting the injection. He did very well on it, and it’s been over a year. He’s down to one injection every two months, and he’s so healthy (even slightly overweight), that I’m wondering if he’s cured. I was going to have him retested, but I don’t know if I have to wait a certain amount of time after the injection (I don’t know if it can cause a false negative).

  11. My Bengal cat Numa was diagnosed with Felv in Jan 2017 after being in contact with a stray cat that ironically tested a false negative. We were devastated. He got very ill and his bloodwork was bad. He has been receiving Immunoregulin shots. One bottle costs around 50 dollars and covers many shots. They are in the vein so a vet or vet tech has to administer it. He got two a week for 2 weeks and one weekly for about 10 weeks. Then it will be once a month. He is fine, gained the 2 pounds he had lost and we will check his values soon. I have also given B12 subq and vit C 1 cc IM at the beginning daily or every two days now about once a week. I will search the info for retromad.

    • I wouldn’t just stop at RetroMAD1 you can also add the human HIV drug Raltegravir at about 80mgs 2x daily. My cat is on both and blood work shows shes fine.

      • Hello,
        How is doing this therapy? Where did you get RetroMAD1?I’m giving LTCI but after the loading dose the red cells are still too low. Thanks for your help

        • Hi Emiliano, did you try Retromad1? Did it help with the red cells? Hope that you cat is better. Mine is stable, 28% red cells, thanks to LTCI and 2.5mg of prednisolone (we will stop this next week). I would like to order Retromad1, would highly appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

    • Emiliano: Can you e-mail me regarding our male cat? He may have HIV or leukemia. We want to give him the best treatment possible.
      my e-mail address is or call at (609) 303-0724
      Thank you

  12. Update: George died today from kidney failure. He was due to have his 2nd T-cyte shot today but this morning he went downhill very fast and I rushed him in. The vet put him to sleep. He began his treatment exactly 1 week ago on 3rd Feb. (see my other posts). What I have learnt from this experience is don’t wait till you see symptoms. Get them started immediately on the treatment and maintain for life. My heart is broken but he’s on the other side now with his friends. He was a loved and cherished member of my family.

  13. Just like Loretta on this post I also have an accidental sanctuary of 18 cats. One came with FIV. He has declined considerably and is down to 5 lbs, skin and bone but eating up to 5 cans a day plus cooked chicken and dry food!. He got his first shot of T-cyte today. Another in 1 week. Cost approx $100 per shot. After initial 3 shots he will be on a monthly schedule. He will be the first cat to get this treatment here at Sturgis Veterinary Hospital/Equine Center. Fingers crossed. Will let you know how it goes.

  14. Hi Lorie,

    My cat Nimbus was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia on December 23rd, 2016. He was very ill (not eating, lethargic, weight loss, poor coat condition, etc). On December 27th, 2016, Nimbus had a blood transfusion. He responded very well and was back to normal for about a month, but my husband and I noticed he is starting to decline again. We can’t imagine euthanizing him. On the other hand, we can’t afford transfusions every 30 days.

    After researching FLV online, I ran across the T-cyte therapy. I found a vet in my area that had the injections on hand. My cat received his first injection today. The second injection is scheduled for 7 days and the third injection is in 14 days. I will give you an update in two weeks on Nimbus’s condition and if the T-cyte therapy is working for him. I sure hope so as this is our only source to keep him alive.


    • Heidi: we have used LCTI…PLEASE be aware that more aggressive treatment may be necessary if your cat is having symptoms. I had a conversation with Dr. Beardsley directly who indicated it can be safely given up to 3x within a 7-10 day period. If your vet is uneasy or needs further information, Dr. Beardsley will talk with him/her.

      This stuff works. It was worth every penny we spent and gave us more time with our little baby. You just need to use it as quickly as possible and if needed, more often.

      • Hi Dana,

        Thank you for your quick response. As you know, Nimbus had his first T-cyte injection yesterday. He continues to decline in health. Today, he is barely eating and drinking and he’s got very little energy. I’m worried there’s not enough time for the T-cyte to kick in. I will take your advise on a more aggressive treatment plan. I’ll go on Wednesday (in 2 days) for Nimbus’s 2nd injection. Is there any way that you could send me Dr. Beardsley’s contact info so that I have it with me (in case the vet is unaware)? Please let me know and thank you for your support!

        • There are two email addresses on their website: and The phone number is (800) 483-2104. You are given a few extension options and can leave a message. If your vet leaves a message, he needs to indicate the situation is critical. (This is a small operation.)

          I feel for you…believe me. We lost our precious girl just a couple weeks ago. I spent countless hours researching and working to keep her with us..and countless calls (and one or two very, uh…., direct conversations) to the vet. I wish I had someone to talk with who had been there. If I can help someone else, I am happy to do so.

          I have to be completely honest, if my experience is any indicator, your baby requires immediate care and VERY close monitoring. Not long after she stopped eating a large mass was found in her abdomen. It happened so quickly, we couldn’t believe it. The LCTI by itself will not have time to work in this situation. You must provide supportive care in addition to a very aggressive LCTI dosing schedule. They can overnight this medicine if needed. We were being advised to put our girl to sleep at this stage which we refused because she was not yet giving up. I would fight as long as she did.

          I am unsure where you are financially, but another transfusion may be necessary to give him extra time for these injections to work. If he is not drinking or eating, you need to address that immediately – feeding tube, fluids. Offer him ANYTHING and EVERYTHING…just get him to eat. Protocol goes out the window when they stop eating. (No garlic/onion) Did your vet order any bloodwork? What were his blood counts?

          What we saw after the standard 3 dose regimen was a small improvement in her blood counts which proved the injections were working. She had non-regenerative anemia, yet her numbers improved. We were just not aggressive enough because we didn’t know we had that option until the very end.

          I apologize for “rambling”…there are so many things to say that can help I fear my message may get confusing.

          Just please remember…as wonderful as vets can be, they do not know all and are not always correct. You MUST do your homework, ask questions and demand clear, concise answers. Get more opinions if needed, just do not waste time.

          My thoughts are with you! Contact me with any questions. I am happy to help in any way I can. Please, do understand I am not a medical professional, I just loved my girl beyond words and fought like hell for her as long as she wanted me to. I can share my experience and what I have learned along the way.

          • Hi Dana,

            A few things…first, I’d like to thank you for providing me with Dr. Beardsley’s contact info. I actually called the number, because I had a couple of questions. A nice lady referred me to Dr. Beardsley who spoke to me directly. Dr. Beardsley confirmed that although Nimbus is symptomatic, the t-cyte therapy will work. He too recommended a more aggressive therapy for Nimbus and offered to speak to the vet. How awesome is that? Second, I am happy to report that Nimbus is doing better the past two days. His appetite is better and he’s able to walk on his own. I think the most significant observation is that he isn’t declining further and you know how fast this devastating disease takes hold and destroys its victim. Next, I asked Dr. Beardsley if he recommends a steroid shot along with the T-cyte injection and he said no, that it could interfere with the effects from the T-cyte. I think you knew that. I’m just confirming that you are correct. I’m sure steroids are very helpful, but apparently not when combined with the T-cyte therapy. Also, I am so sorry that you lost your girl. I can’t imaging losing Nimbus. He is such a big part of our family. So, thank you for helping people like me who are holding on to every little bit of hope. Last, Nimbus goes in tomorrow night for his second injection. I’ll update you on his health situation in a couple of days. Thanks a million truly!

          • I am so very happy to hear you were able to speak with him directly and he was able to help. He was very helpful to us. Please do update on Nimbus and his progress. I would love to hear how he is doing.

            Losing our little girl was like losing a child and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Bless you for being such a good person and loving your little guy so much. If I can help, let me know.

        • Does he have anemia? Heres what I would do. If he’s not eating ask the Vet to put him on an anabolic steroid. This will help the increase appetite & red blood cells. Ask for Nandrolone Decanoate(preferably), Stanozolol, or Oxandrolone, these are all mild steroids and are prescribed for Veterinary use.
          For the virus I would use RetroMAD1, LTCI, and Raltegravir which is a new HIV drug that has been proven to work against FeLV and I am using it on my cat with blood work to back up its safety. There are other HIV drugs that can be used effectively against feline retro-viruses. Read this article as it is basically The Bible for treating FeLV using human HIV drugs. And dont let the Veterinarian tell you they can’t find or prescribe these drugs, my Vet calls in all these medications to a compound pharmacy and its delivered to my door. Its expensive but I refuse to let this virus win and take my cat.

          • Steroids suppress the immune system and are not recommended during use of LCTI. There are appetite stimulating medications available. We used mirtazapine with some success, but I know there have been cats which exhibited very odd behavior while on this med. We saw an increase in vocalization and she became unusually “lovey” but she ate….

          • Please DO NOT give incorrect information! Anabolic Steroids DO NOT SUPPRESS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.
            Glucocorticosteroids like Prednisone and Dexamethasone suppress the immune system and ARE NOT THE SAME as Anabolic Steroids (Deca-Durabolin, Winstrol, Anavar) which are used to treat Anemia in humans and animals. They also increase appetite and help with protein synthesis.

          • I respectfully disagree as to the steroids. Sorry, not here to cause upset.

            Heidi: Do your research and proceed in whatever manner you believe is best for your kitty.

          • All steroids do not suppress the immune system. Anabolic steroids have been given to people wasting with HIV for years and they increase killer T cells which is the opposite of immune suppression.

        • When my cats stop eating it’s usually because they have sores in their mouths that make eating very painful. What I do at that point is take pate canned cat food and mix it with a little bit of water in the blender until all they have to do is drink it. Watch for wet lips or drooling. Push comes to shove, I will feed them this with a eyedropper.

          I just lost another one a few weeks ago. I still have 3 left with nasty sores in their mouths. The other 17 are for the most part asymptomatic with occasional flare ups. I wish I could afford all of this expensive medication for them but my income doesn’t go that far.

          • peptic ac ground up and put in their “soup” helps alot. consult the vet on exactky how much. my old vet told me to put a eight of a
            pill in their food to help with the sores

      • hi, my cat has symtomatic FIV with anemia and she is not eating. I have to syringe feed her. Can you tell me how long does it take to get it delivered retroMAD1? or is there any way you have any to spare for my Missy? thanks so much, worried cat mummy, Samantha

        • Ask your Vet to write a prescription for it and go to any pharmacy. I’d look around because it’s expensive. I’ve heard that Costco pharmacy has the best price.

      • Hi Emiliano, did you try Retromad1? Did it help with the red cells? Hope that you cat is better. Mine is stable, 28% red cells, thanks to LTCI and 2.5mg of prednisolone (we will stop this next week). I would like to order Retromad1, would highly appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

        • Hi Zebib, I neve used Retromad1, I started with LTCI (one injection every 15 days for two months) and Omega Interferone both together with also Prednisolone. Then I reduced Prednisolone to zero and went on with LTCI once a month alone. My cat stabilized in two months and now (14 month from the starting therapy) she is perfect like she has no sickness at all. I’m really grateful about LTCI, for my cat it was so great and it saved her life. I hope you can get the same result. Good luck!

          • Thank you for the quick reply, Emiliano. Happy about your cat. Omega interferon, why, how much and for how long did you give it? Ltci, are you still giving one shot a month? Thank you so much. Happy and Healthy 2019!

          • Hi, I was in touch with T-cyte and they told me I could give both therapies at the same time so they could work in a synergistic way. The dosage of Interferone Omega was: 1MU/kg, once a day for 5 consecutive days and this was repeated three times on day 0, 14, 60. I gave this medicine just one time, then I went on with LTCI once a month. I tried to give LTCI every two months but it wasn’t enough and the cat had some problems so I went back to once every month. Hope this helps your little friend.

    • Dana,

      Could you please send me Dr. Beardsley’s contact info. I am trying to save a cat that my vet thinks has FIV. I’ve got him a home (not mine) because I already have a cat and the Vet was afraid the new cat would infect her. I just need info about using LCTI. He is a very nice cat and he deserves a chance. I hope you understand what I just wrote. It is hard to say all the things that are running through my mind at the moment. I live in Amarillo, TX and so I need to find help as close to home as possible. Thank you, Mert

  15. I just put my cat down because she was sick and tested Felv+ and FIV+…..Only 2 years old. I feel horrible. She just showed signs within the past few weeks. Mostly not eating, not herself, lethargic, tired, and skinny. Happened quickly and I got very concerned. I took her to the Animal Clinic and she tested positive for both felv and fiv….suffered from anemia and her breathing was not right. I feel terrible for putting her down as I think that I could have nursed her back, but the Vet said she would only continue to get worse. For some reason, I have a hard time and just feel guilty about it all. So in short, I just donated my car to the local SPCA. If I couldn’t help my cat, at least I know my donated car may help another. I am NOT a cat person, just a humane person and I just feel guilt about putting her down….

    • I’m so sorry about your cat, Joe. Losing a cat is always hard, but when it’s a young cat like yours was, it’s especially difficult. I hope in time you can see that there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Be gentle with yourself.

  16. I have had a number of infected kitties in the past, lost them all unfortunately, the last one was in 2013, another rescued young tom, Meiner, named for the neighborhood convenience store where I found him. I learned about LTCI late into his illness when it became virulent but used it anyway. He rallied for six weeks more and gave very optimistic signs. However, eventually he was overwhelmed by the illness. I believe that if l had used the LTCI earlier and over a longer period before his immune system had been so depleted and compromised, we might have saved. If we adopt another infected cat, we will be sure to administer the drug immediately. Studies have shown that using earlier reduces the viral load to an undetectable level.

    • You should look into getting RetroMAD1. Its an antiviral that kills and inhibits the reproduction of retroviruses like HIV, FIP, FIV, FeLV, and many more. It saved my kitten from FeLV when the Veterinarians said she only had about 10 days to live at most. That was 2 years ago. Its not holistic, its not something that boosts the cat’s immune system, its an antiviral that kills the virus in the blood. Its pretty much side effect free too. Its not a cure but it will keep the cat healthy for as long as you use it. It can be used in conjunction with LTCI but its much less expensive and it worked so well for my cat that I discontinued the LTCI and have been using RetroMAD1 ever since.

      • What is RetroMADI? I can’t even find it on google. Please advise. I’ve got an FIV+ cat and need some help. Thanks.

      • Where did you get it? I can’t find anywhere that has it. I have a rescue here with 22 cats, all of which have FeLV in various stages of illness.

        • I’d recommend trying LTCI instead of RetroMAD1. It’s much easier to get those shots from your vet, or even straight from the US manufacturer. You have to get the RetroMAD from Malaysia, so it’s a bit more complicated. My vet has successfully treated several animals with FIV and FeLV using LTCI. They’ve made full recoveries and even test negative for it now. You just have to search quite a bit to find a vet who will use it. My experience was that most vets didn’t believe that it worked and refused to even try it, they were very cynical for some reason. But if you look at the LTCI website and call them, they will recommend someone close to you who offers it! Good luck!!

          • I found a veterinary oncologist a few towns over who uses it, but rumor has it, it’s very expensive. Any idea how much it costs?

          • It depends on the vet I think, but between $50-100 per injection. If you order the shots directly from the manufacturer, they charge $50 per shot, but they are only allowed to ship within certain states. I’m in PA and they couldn’t ship to me, but another member on here was in NY and was able to get them. My vet said they normally start to show improvement after the first shot. The number required for a full recovery depends on the animal and how bad they are, but I’ve heard anywhere from 2-5 can be enough to clear the virus completely!

          • Im not too sure about LTCI. Ive seen people use it and it didnt work but other have had success. RetroMAD1 success rate is way above 95% and its so much cheaper. My cat was IFA positive which according to US Vetenarians is a death sentence but it was not. Two years later my Vet has come to terms that a laymen (me) found a treatment that nobody else knows about and “works miracles” Since you have multiple cats Im sure the makers of RetroMAD would love to work with you. They can use your cats and their healing progress for their studies and believe me they will begin to heal once treatment starts. Can I contact you off this site to give you the contact info?

            Amanda i’m not saying LTCI doesn’t work sometimes, but I wonder will it work on a cat that is IFA positive? Once the retrovirus gets in the cat’s bone marrow the virus can never be “cured” it can always replicate in the future. RetroMAD1 will kill any new replication of the virus and keep it from killing the cat but right now there is no cure for any retrovirus that imbeds itself inside the host’s DNA.

          • I do know someone who used LTCI on her FIV & FeLV cat and the LTCI successfully treated the FeLV but not the FIV. The cat was literally on its deathbed being syringe fed when I was able to rush her some RetroMAD1 and after 3 days of treatment the cat began to eat on its own. After 3 months of RetroMAD1 the cats FIV viral load went from 13000 to 12 so I have the numbers to back up RetroMAD1’s claims.
            LTCI works by getting the cat’s immune system to kill the retroviruses, RetroMAD1 is an antiviral that kills the viruses by itself. Ideally they are a great combination to use together. Fight the viruses on two fronts.

          • Hello Amanda,

            We are a couple from Turkiye with 5 cats. One of them was unfortunately diagnosed with FIV(+). We have acquired LTCI from the US manufacturer and out vet applied the first three shots in one month. After those shots, her white blood cells have improved significantly but she started suffering from gingivitis and dermatitis. Because of that, our vet was afraid of applying further doses of LTCI, he suspected that our cats immune system have overreacted LCTI with allergic symptoms. This happened in April and we have been waiting since then.

            I was wondering if it would be possible for us to concact your vet, in order to take advice from them about how to apply the LCTI correctly, or ask if we have done something wrong. We really need some advice from a vet with FIV and LCTI experience.
            Onder and Olcay

          • Just paid the vet $255 for three injections. This is for the LTCI only, not including the office visit.

    • I just found out that my kitten has Felv today and would like to help him out as much as possible! Any information you can share regarding RETROMad1 would be great! Thank you!

    • Hi possible to email me for contact info about RetroMAD1? Send to ginny at womensmarch dot com

      Thanks a ton in advance!

  17. I have an accidental sanctuary of sorts for cats with FeLV. Right now I have 22 cats that have this horrible disease. Last year I lost 5 of them to it. I will have to ask my vet about this medication. I have 3 that are on daily meds to try to keep symptoms under control. Thank you for writing about this.

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