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You may have seen the BrawnyCat Lounge on My Cat From Hell a couple of weeks ago. You may have seen it featured on Moderncat. And if you  haven’t already bought one, it’s probably on your wish list for your cats. What cat wouldn’t love one of these fabulous scratch lounges?

The original BrawnyCat Ultimate Cat Scratcher/Lounger was designed by Andrew Lesko for his 25-pound cat when he found that “she loved to lounge on her cardboard cat scratcher. It was just her natural spot to hang out on. Her own scent, left by her scratching activity, gave her a sense of ownership and comfort. Not that it was comfortable. It was flat and small (for her). She needed something larger that would also give her more comfort.”

He couldn’t find anything in stores that worked for her, so he decided to design his own. “My prerequisites were that it would be oversized and accommodating for cats of all sizes, be super comfortable, and incorporate a heavy duty, long lasting scratching pad that was also reversible and replaceable. It would be earth friendly, elevated, and have a hidden storage space for kitty toys which would also collect cat scratching residue flakes to keep floors clean.”

In addition to being fantastic from a feline’s point of view, these scratch lounges are also beautiful! Andrew was a finalist in the Apartment Therapy Design Showcase 2011.

And just last week, BrawnyCat released a brand new collection of scratch lounges. The 2012 Comfy Collection features the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge, the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft, and the Big Baby’s Comfy Boost.

All lounges are designed and handcrafted for maximum cat comfort. They include BrawnyCat’s exclusive Comfy Bolster™. This makes curling up easy even for the biggest cat, and as with all Brawny Cat designs, feet, paw, butt and neck support is abundant and sensible. These scratch loungers are purr-fect for big cats and multiple cat households.

Zeke on BrawnyCat lounger

Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy’s cat Zeke, shown in the picture above, loves his Brawny Cat Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Lounge! According to Jackson, “it’s become a favorite among all of our cats. The scratching surface is very attractive to them and rugged, as well.”

For more information about these loungers, and to purchase, please visit BrawnyCat.

And now you can win one of these beautiful scratch loungers for your kitties – a $189 value! The winner will have a choice between the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge and the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. Your cat’s name will be inscribed on the back as shown.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and tell me which of your kitties would enjoy this lounger the most, and which of the two loungers you’d like to win. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Thursday, February 23. This giveaway is limited to readers in the United States.

This just in! Two additional winners will win a
Scratch’n Slumber® Comfort Padlet!

Brawny Cat Comfort Padlet

These comfort scratchers are made from the tightest cardboard honeycombed fluting pattern available ensuring maximum durability. The shape and texture of the Padlet is irresistible to cats. Symmetrical and reversible, the Comfort Padlet allows for double use and exceptional long life. With comfy sculpted bolster sides for maximum kitty comfort, they provide great back and head support. As an extra bonus, each Comfort Padlet includes Washington grown “Brawny Cat Delight” organic catnip.

Photo of Zeke ©Jackson Galaxy, used with permission, photo of Olive on Comfort Padlet ©Andrew Lesko

856 Comments on Giveaway: Win a Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge or Big Baby’s Comfy Loft from BrawnyCat

  1. My seven cats will be fighting over who gets to hangout in this awesome lounger! I’m always looking for new places for them to lounge and scratch and this comfy lounger is perfect.

  2. My rescue cat, Stella, is a clicker training wonder! The only think we haven’t been able to master is scratching on scratch appropriate furniture. I have bought 4 different types of scratchers trying out different material, and vertical and horizontal varieties. But, she will only scratch on the carpet or the dining room chairs. I would love to get new dining chairs at the end of this year and move to a carpet-free home. What will she scratch on?! She is a very anxious kitty and I have been working hard to provide her with a home she loves, but this is one area that we have not made any progress. I love that these scratchers are comfy beds. She loves to climb and lounge at elevations so I am hoping that the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft model will be our solution!

  3. I have 4 cats, but my 15 lb lover-boy Elwood would think the Comfy Lounge was the cat’s meow in addition to allowing him a look- out spot for his 6 lb tormentor, Smokey.

  4. Hello Jackson, It’s very kind of you offer these as a lottery. I know of my two cats. Tenshi, my younger kitty is by far is very big on lounging. He would love the Big baby comfy lounge. He is not big on high places..my Dad and I always say that he is built low for the ground with his shorter legs and shorter tail. He’s a rescue from a barn full of other cats at time I got him and he was a little sick to at the time. I managed to take care of him and neutor him as well as get him his shots. I think he would love something of his own to call. My girl cat Kira is a sweet cats, but prone to ge to get angry at him and swat him on the head several times. It kind of funny and he doesn’t even notice lol. He’s such a sweety pie and very layed back:)

    Thank You for this opportunity!

  5. Teddy Toodles would enjoy this lounger the most.
    We would be thrilled to get the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge.


  6. Oh boy! My kitties would love one of these! One in Particular, Snuggles! She is our most recent rescue…We have had her a little over a year. She is 1 of 11 kitties. She loves the cardboard scratchers and must have her own bed….The other kitties gang up on her, so she pretty much stays in my bedroom. She has a bed, but nothing like this & I put her cardboard scratcher on the bed when i leave for work. She would love to have her very own bed. I dont know what it is, but she will not lay on anything that has any of my other kitties scent on it! No blankets, beds, toys. So she has to have her own everything. it is getting costly, but she is my Snugabug! We love her so much! We would love to win one! With having 11 kitties and a dog, we do not have the extra funds to buy such a bed for her. Oh what joy this would bring to this lil kitty that stays in a room afraid of the others. She is a big cat, but she is a lover & not a fighter, so she runs to me when someone is after her. I wish I could buy one. All of our kitties are rescue kitties. We will not purchase a kitty from a store. There are so many that need homes, it makes no sense to me for kitties to be breed. At least not until they all have a forever home….Thank you for giving us a chance to win!

  7. OMG, my eldest cat Danny (diabetic, cancer survivor) would LOVE the comfy loft. He could lounge upon it, high on the wall, and survey his domain. I’m sure he would glare down at the insolent kittens.

    I’d love to see some matching steps/shelves so that the loft could be mounted way up high.

  8. I think both of my cats would like it, my female cat does not like the scratching post we have. Unfortunately she likes to scratch on other things.

  9. Oddly enough, both my cats would love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. We have one cat who likes to laze about on things, and the other loves to scratch. I could see them both using it and loving it.

  10. What kitty wouldn’t enjoy such a wonderful comfort lounge? We are a multi-generational family with plenty of cats. I had four when my grown son decided to move back home with his four. My queen, Missy, died in my arms just a few short weeks ago. Her companion, Meow, the old man of the group would love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. He currently sleeps on the arm of a seldom used couch. When he wakes up he wanders around the house as if lost, meowing at the top of his lungs. The poor baby could certainly use some comfort. What better than a scratchable lounge?

  11. My boys Vestie and punky would love the Big baby comfort lounge while my girls Zoey and Dahlia would prefer the comfort padlet as both were born feral and not much on heights;)… Off to share:)

  12. My own big baby, Baby Cat would love a Comfy Loft!
    She’s 18 pounds of rescued love blubber.
    She doesn’t share well with my other two cats and they prefer to hide while they nap.

  13. I have several cats, but my one girl, who is 13 years old, would love it. She will not sleep with the other cats and she would love her own bed. I think she would like the big baby comfy lounge or the scratch and slumber. She needs her own little get-a-way. I love all my kittys but she probably needs a little more attention – she has a few issues, but she is a real darling. She is an all white, blue eyed little angel. I would sincerely love to give this to her. Thanks much@

    Dolores Rathbun

  14. “Barn Cat” would love the “Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge” from Brawny Cat the most in this household! She came here as a stray, very thin but filled with so much love! She’s very healthy now and enjoying the retired live of lounging around most of the days and enjoying life! She’s one special spoiled baby!

  15. I think my hearing impaired kitty Eirwyn would like the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft best. She takes her sleeping and naps very seriously. Since she is hearing impaired she falls asleep and is not disturbed my little noises easily. She is my sweet little nugget and I would love to give her a fancy new bed. She is one of those cats that actually use the cat beds you buy her. Strange, I know.

  16. all three of my cats would just Love this lounger but Sually.. AKA “The Beast” would be all over it..he would’nt let the other two near it..I have to have 3 scratchers and he usually takes them all

  17. My cat Sam loves to have a pillow to lean against, and to be on the highest point in the room, so he would love the Comfy Loft. He is lean and long, and this would give him plenty of room to stretch out. He *might* share it.

  18. My Big Baby, Mr. Ted E. Bear would love love love the big baby comfort lounge. We did see it on t.v. but at the moment can not afford one. Out of all of my cats, (4) he is the one that claims the cardboard scratch boxes all of the time. He is also the one, that is semi-feral and I have a heck of a time catching to trim his claws so it is good that he loves these scratch boxes so much. Even at the ripe old age of 8 he LOVES to play. He was so badly abused before he came to live with me that it took him a couple of years to really understand what toys were and that he could scratch his claws on certain things. I love him to pieces, and after having such a rough start in life he deserves to have a bed all of his own. The others have claimed their own, except for him. Off to repost on my wall. Thank you for giving us the chance to win one of these gorgeous beds, and if we don’t well, we shall just have to save our pennies.

  19. Dunkin, my 23 pounder would love to lounge on the Big Baby’s Comfort Lounger. He might possibly share it with Joey, Dallas, and Derby, but I doubt it.

  20. Hi, I have 6 cats; today is my cat, Mario’s 14th b-day, we adopted him when he was 9 when someone decided they didn’t have time for him, Their loss, our gain. Anyway he was front and rear declawed, something I am AGAINST. It has hindered his little paws and it’s harder for him to walk, unless treats are involved, then he walks fast LOL Anyway, he’s my lounger, he loves cat beds, and he would LOVE this <3

    I am sharing this on Facebook!

  21. My Martina kitty would love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge! She’s definitely a bush dweller and loves her resting places low to the ground.

    My facebook share is in the website.

    Thanks so much!!

  22. I can just picture my six furbabies fighting to enjoy the Big Baby’s Comfort Loft! My oldest (and largest), Miss Chloe would immediately give up her throne of the couch arm to rest her head on one of the cozy bolsters. The younger ones, namely Bane and Letty (rescued siblings), would each take a side and their sister, Haddie would squeeze in on top. Those three are inseparable and always sleep together. My big boy, Bentley, would LOVE to bathe in sun puddles while relaxing on it. Shy little Binx would wait and allow the others to have their turn, then have her turn. 🙂

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