I couldn’t imagine not sleeping withy my cats. Every cat I’ve ever had has slept on the bed with me. In fact, the few nights one of them didn’t, it was usually because something was wrong.

Feebee used to sleep in the crook of my arm, with his head on my shoulder. When I was still married, he used to sleep in between me and my former husband. In hindsight, perhaps that was not a sleeping arrangment conducive to marital bliss? Well, let’s just say picking the cat over the ex-husband was a good decision on all levels.

Amber slept curled up in my arms most nights. When Buckley joined us, she started out sleeping at the foot of the bed, but inevitably, at some point during the night, she would make her way up to where Amber and I were sleeping and wedge herself in the small space left between the headboard of the bed and the arm that was curled around Amber. This occasionally made for a rather uncomfortable sleeping position for me, but the joy of having the two cats softly snoring next to me was worth the discomfort, and I often waited until my arm fell asleep before I changed position.

When I adopted Allegra, Amber made it very clear that sleeping in my arms was her prerogative. Still, Allegra joined us on the bed even on her first night with us, and Amber was okay with it. At some point during the night, Allegra crawled under the covers and wedged herself against the back of my legs. She stayed there for the rest of that night, and for many nights to come, she would end up there at some point during the night. This was also during the period when she was still a very bitey girl, and when something startled her in the middle of the night, she would bite parts of my anatomy that shall remain unamed. But that’s a story for another day.

After Amber died, Allegra chose different spots on the bed, always touching me somewhere along my body. Some days, it would be my head, other days, my feet. Most days, it was somewhere in between. Oddly enough, she always chose the center of the bed. Not so oddly, I always let her, even if that sometimes meant that my arms or legs were hanging off the side of the bed, or I was sleeping diagonally across the bed. It’s amazing how much space a sleeping eight-pound cat can take up.

Ruby didn’t sleep in our bed for the first week or two after she joined us. Her foster parents had told me that this happened at their house, too, but after a while, she joined them. It was reassuring to me to hear this, because I felt bad for this little kitten sleeping all by herself in my living room. When she finally joined us, she usually ended up on the opposite side of where Allegra was sleeping. In the center of the bed. Now I had to figure out how to twist myself around two sleeping cats without disturbing them.

I will never understand how two cats whose combined weight is barely fifteen pounds can take up so much space in a queen-size bed. And yet, I make every effort not to disturb them when I have to change position or get up in the middle of the night. On nights when that happens more than once, I can almost hear the groan and the collective eye-rolling from both of them at being disturbed by the human yet again.

They rarely even wake up anymore when I get up. Occasionally, they will shift positions – but never to where it makes it easier for me to get back into bed. Some nights, I feel like a contortionist, trying to get comfortable again without waking the girls. Middle of the night gymnastics are not conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. Sometimes it takes me a while to fall back into slumber. During those times, I try to count the hours of sleep I lost over almost three decades of sharing my life with cats. It’s almost as effective as counting sheep.

Some people suggest that you should lock your cats out of the bedroom so you can get a good night’s sleep. Yes, well – that’s not going to happen at my house. I’ll wear my dark circles proudly, thank you very much. What’s a little lost sleep, compared to spending the night with a cat or two snuggled up in bed with you?

How about you? Do you sleep with your cats?

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  1. I use to sleep with my cat Seras but shes very restless at night and I am a very light sleeper. She likes to move and change sleeping spots constantly which would keep me up at night. So for now I sleep by myself.

  2. I just got a kitty. I think he is just under a year (maybe 8-10mths) I named him Punkin because he is black but has orange eyes!! Anyway, when I am on my chaise lounge (disabled so I rest a lot) he will lay all over my legs. We were not sure about him sleeping with us but last night he slept with us and somewhere in the middle of the night he got up and laid down on my back and flopped his head over mine lol. He is such a sweet boy and seems to know I am not well. I have fibro, PTSD, Depression and other things and already I feel better just having him here. He is always very careful with me which is strange to me. He will not eat out of my hand but will eat something once I set it down. He will eat from the others in the house. Anyway, right now he is laying against my right leg with his head flopped over it lol

  3. Our two cats have somehow came out with a ‘3 men’s rule’ for the usuage of our bedroom at night. Basically meaning during nights only 3 person (including cats) are allow in the room. So my husband n I took 2 of that slot, n Shadow our boy cat will join us on the bed, usually sleeping either on my pillow or along my leg. Millie our girl cat is the more adventurous one, n prefers to roam the rest of the house at night. However whenever my husband goes outstation, Millie will voluntarily join us in the room 😀

    But then when it’s the day, the two cats will switch position. Shadow will go sleep somewhere anywhere in the house while Millie will come n cuddles in bed with us. I do seriously believe they share some kind of compromise among themselves regarding the bedroom rations.

  4. My 11-year-old cat Cupcake would sleep next to me holding my hand. Sadly, he passed away suddenly in April 2016.

  5. Casper has slept with us on our Queen sized bed since he arrived 5 years ago. He even tells us when it’s time to go to bed. He starts out usually kind of close to us, but usually winds up at the foot of the bed.
    Cocoa, rarely will come up to bed with us. I think she realizes it’s Casper’s bonding time with us so, she does not interfere. They will nap on the bed together in the daytime but night seems to be his nearly completely.
    We’re always honored when she decides to sleep with us. She does, however, come to greet us early in the morning and will settle in for snuggles with us at that time – which interestingly, is NOT when Casper is with us; he gets up at some point in the night and goes elsewhere.
    I can’t imagine not sleeping with them even though it certainly causes us to have to compromise on our own space.

  6. Woooo. I sleep on a twin bed. Well a bit more narrow than that because of a memory foam thing on it so the side of my actual need isn’t used. Bae, 13 lbs boy tuxedo and Zea, lIttle part bengal kitten both sleep with me. Bae sleeps either behind my legs or between them and since he’s a jealous butt Zea sleeps anywhere that’s comfortable around my upper half. Sometimes she nips me to wake me up and rub her head And under her chin. But aside from that we all sleep really well. I don’t like sleeping alone and the purring puts me to sleep fast. 🙂

  7. I have two cats – I work at home in front of a computer all day – my younger cat, Bentley curls up in my arms and sleeps quite a bit of the day. My sister, Jean has two cats – Harry and Sammy. My sister and her husband watch tv in their bedroom late in the night – they sleep in their arm chairs and the cats have the queen size bed to their selves. lol

  8. Our two cats follow us all over the house. Both like to sleep at our feet. Shadow our boy cat will verbally tell me to get up, or move over when he wants to lay next to my wife on the sofa when she is watching tv. Jade our girl cat will lay at the foot of the bed watching us when we are on the sofa!!! Both of them will pull my shoes, or slippers around the living room!!!! Don’t bother the wife’s!!!! Shadow has to see what I am eating….like he was the King’s food taster!!!!! They are our constant companions!!!! Shadow will walk on a leash, and loves car rides…whereas Jade doesn’t want anything to do with either!!!! Her Majesty has to look out the window like a watch cat!!!! Both of them know the sound of our car when it pulls up in front of the house. The will sit at the front door waiting for me to enter!!!! If I can’t find them all I have to do is crinkle a bag and they come running!!! Both will watch Sponge Bob with our 3 year old Granddaughter. Shadow will stick his head by my headphones if I lay them down…he likes Classic Rock!!!!! If he runs out of water, or food he will push the bowls out into the middle of the floor so I can see them. He just loves to hide my socks under the bed!!!!! Jade alerted us to the pilot being out on the gas range the first night we brought her home from the shelter!!!!! Neither one will eat people food…but like to sniff it!!!!! She has figured out how to turn the computer off!!!!! I’m waiting to see if she learns how to use the remote for the tv!!!! All in all our cats are Fantastic Friends & part of the family. Tom & Donna/Chicago

  9. Our kitties are little watchers. If someone comes onto our property at night, they suddenly all alert and wake me up. My wife sleeps through it.

  10. My cat, Beauty, who I’ve had for 13 years (since she was 6 weeks old) loves to sleep in the crook of my arm right beside me. She loves to touch my face with her free paw as she falls asleep! I love her so much, and can’t imagine a day when she isn’t cuddled into my side as I sleep.
    My other cat, Storm, a 6 1/2 month old feral Maine coon who I rescued at about 8 weeks old and socialized prefers to sleep next to the bed in his crate. He always comes to greet me when I wake up.
    I love my kitties and wouldn’t trade them for the world 🙂

  11. Yes, I do.
    At the moment, I live with three boys and they come to bed at different moments of the night depending on their activities. The old one is usually the first to go to sleep, but the young ones often have nocturnal-insect-hunting to do before going to bed.
    They take different spots, but it is common to have them very close to me.

  12. I honestly cannot think of a better way to sleep than with all my kids in the bed with my fiancé and I. To tell the truth every year when we go on vacation, the only thing we get homesick for is the kitties in the bed with us. I was mildly surprised the first year we went because he wasn’t as big of a fan as cats as I am when we first got together, but on the second night he was saying, “I miss Delilah being in bed.” Each of the kids has their own spot, Foxy and Nemo lay at the bottom, one on each of our feet. Every now and then Nemo will lay awkwardly across both of our ribcages. Furby has to stuff himself up on my pillow right next to my face. Binx sleeps on the headboard, Delilah has not been very friendly about Binx being on the bed with her yet. Delilah (a.k.a. The Baby Girl and The Princess) has her own bedtime routine! She will hop up on my nightstand and talk to me while I pull back the blankets and situate my pillows, wait for me to get into bed and give her some love, we have to lay and talk for a couple minutes and then she will flop down right up against my chest and stretch her neck out and lay her head on my arm. She is so particular about “her spot” that she will nip my fiancé’s hand when he has his arm around me and she can’t lay in her spot next to me. Foxy and Delilah are both notorious for snuggling under the covers too. Foxy is the best because he will wiggle under the covers and begin purring loud enough for the whole world to hear. I have had cats my entire 24 years on earth and I simply cannot even imagine living without them. If it ever came down to a man or the cats, well no man could ever even come close to competing with my little ones.

  13. Meowm has often woke up and not been able to move because we have her pinned. Generally we end up down by her legs. Junior and Orion start out up by Meowms head, and when I join I am around her tummy. By morning Orion and I usually down by her legs. Junior is on the bed too, but usually around Meowms head or around her tummy/back area.

    Meowm says she wouldn’t kick us out either! 😉


  14. My kitty loves to spoon. It seems like he doesn’t sleep well unless he’s touching me in someway. I think it’s survival instinct, like he knows that he can sleep soundly because I’ll protect him. I would never lock him out of the room; even if I wanted to he would bawl outside all night.

    Love your kitties!

  15. My two cats have always slept with me (even when I was married). Westley sleeps near my head- but it has to be on the side where my face is. If I roll over, then he will get up and move to the other side of the bed. He also likes to put his back feet in my hand when he sleeps. Horus, my younger cat will sleep by my head if Westley isn’t around. If he is- then Horus sleeps on my feet (16 pounds of cat!). Both cats come and go over the course of the night. They are pretty quiet and hardly ever wake me up.

    • My little Daisy was just like Wesley. I’m a side sleeper, and she always curled up in my neck on the side my face was on. Whenever I would turn to the other side, she would walk ACROSS my face to
      get back to the side where my face was. Betsy always slept on my pillow, and I would often wake
      up with my head on the sheet and Betsy stretched across the whole pillow. She used to sit on the bed waiting for me while i brushed my teeth, etc. Right now I only have Gordon and Jasmine. Gordon likes to sleep by my face, but Jasmine burrows under the covers. I love them SO much!!!

  16. I am fortunate-the pumpkin waits for me to get settled and then snuggles in between my legs-her brother will come join us during the night snuggling up with his sister and I. My husband gets the edge and the three of us share the bed. There is something comforting about knowing they are there.

  17. I sleep with both of my cats. Princess, my calico sleeps by my feet, behind my knees or on my chest. Queenie, my tabby, sleeps by my feet, on my chest and also on my pillow above my head.

    It is entertaining reading all about the other posts here too.

    This morning I woke up with a charlie horse in my right lower leg because I hadn’t been able to move my leg because two cats were sleeping around it and I try to move as little as possible so they will sleep with me and not move. They hate it when I move and run off to sleep elsewhere. They always come back to bed though!

  18. Isn’t it bliss? I love reading all of your stories. It makes me feel so NORMAL! Frankie, Jasper and Daisy all sleep with me unless my 3 year old grandson is around. Frankie is the only one brave enough to sleep with that little hurricane. Everyone has their spot; Frankie between my legs, Jasper on my left side, Daisy on the pillow next to my head…right side (as far away from Frankie as she can get). I have learned to sleep in my designated position (having been well trained). The only time they leave is when the feral cat shows up on the porch. Then everyone is at the window snarling, moaning, and hissing…it is a real thrill. But once that subsides, we are all back to our places, resuming our favorite activity…sleep.

  19. I live with three cats, boys all. They kind of sleep in my bed. Kind of? Because they don’t sleep all night, they go around, check things, and come back to bed. Sometimes (as there is a seven months old playful one) there is night-fight… on the bed or under it. Depending on the temperature, they are more or less close to the humans. The middle one favorite place is against my legs; the older one likes to be just by my side, at a reaching distance; the youngest is still trying to find a place, but he enjoys being close to my feet, sometimes with his head on one of them, that gives him the chance to play a little when I move. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, you can find one of them looking out of the window.

  20. I sleep with my cat on the pillow next to mine, an 85 lb. dog on the bed, and two 100 lb. dogs on their beds on the floor next to my bed.

    My cat usually moves down to snuggle in next to some bent portion of my body, so I always wind up squished and contorted between the dog and the cat!

    Wouldn’t have it any other way … and I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  21. For a while, my boyfriend and I used to allow just Two Face to sleep on the bed with us, seeing as her sister Batman was having some trouble with understanding the meaning of a litter box. Two Face has been attached to my mister from the moment I brought her home. The second I put her down to explore she crawled straight to his lap while he was playing video games and stayed there till it was time to go to bed. I was against having her sleep with us, but since she was the type of cat he’d been wanting for a while (her two faced color pattern) there was no going against it. She slept on his chest, inbetween us, over his head, anywhere that wouldn’t allow me to be near him!

    During the early morning, when he’d be leaving for work, she took his spot on the pillow (my favorite spot to cuddle up against), for his scent.

    After they hit their second month of life, and after Batman had mastered her litter box, we allowed her to sleep in bed with us along with her sister. Two Face was pretty unhappy with this, seeing as the spot Batman choose to sleep on was the chest of my mister. Bamtman curled up on his chest slowly, watching to see how he’d react. When he started scratching her behind the ear she made herself nice and comfy.

    Two Face took one of her usually spots about my boyfriends head and slowly started growling at her sister. It was pretty entertaining. After a while, however, we had to set up a sleep area for them in our living room. Two Face was starting to get violent with Batman, and since she’s more of a lover than a fighter, we cut them off from our bed.

    • Two Face sounds like a very determined little guy, Elizabeth. Somehow, though, it seems like his plan didn’t quite work out since now neither of them is allowed in the bedroom 🙂

      • She is VERY attached to my boyfriend haha she adores him and follows him around the apartment on a daily basis.

  22. You hit a nerve with cat lovers. Cats sleeping in bed or banished to another room is one of the biggest relationship issues I’ve encountered as a life coach. My cats have always slept with me whether I was single, dating or married. It’s non-negotiable. I’ve previously blogged about cat being under cover or over cover cats. With four cats now, it’s a crazy quilt mix!

  23. I absolutely sleep with my cats! I’ve had numerous doctors tell me that I should shut them out (I’m actually allergic to cats), but I would much rather suffer through stuffy sinuses than go without my precious bundles of fur!

  24. Awwww this was precious!!!!!

    I love it because it made me stop and think. My Angel Bobo ALWAYS slept on the bed with me. For many years when I had him it was just he and I…for a while I was with (husband #1 lol) and he slept with both of us. Bobo LOVED the bed (with me in it or not)

    You made me think of something interesting. Cody NEVER, EVER sleeps in the bed with my husband and I…he also never does if I am the only one in it and I can’t figure out why. He DOES come into bed as soon as I lay down, he crawls up my chest and puts his face DIRECTLY into mine (my little “close-talker”) and I pet him, kiss him and talk about the day (while my husband is trying to sleep lol)…after about 15 or 20 minutes he leaves…..neither my husband or I make him leave, he just does.

    He also never sleeps in the bed during the day. I can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

    • I love Cody’s bedtime routine, Caren, even if he doesn’t stay the night. Do you know where he sleeps? Sometimes, bribery works. I have a friend who places a catnip mat on her bed to lure her cat to sleep with her. It works for her.

      • Hi Ingrid! I honestly think he goes and sleeps in the same room as Dakota. They ADORE each other and are super close.

        Bobo was the “only” cat and “only” pet when I had him so that was a different dynamic entirely!

        I may have to try the catnip mat in the bed and see what happens!

  25. Boy, do I miss Pippen! She was the only one of my cats who slept with me every night, although she preferred to be down at the foot of the bed. Her sister, Molly, will jump up to say goodnight and then she’s off to sleep in some other place of her choosing. Maybe I should get a stuffed animal!

  26. You haven’t had a surfer yet? My Hattie slept on top of me — whichever part of me was facing the ceiling. When I moved around, she’d stand up and balance atop me until I settled in my new position, and then she’d nestle back down. I used to call it kitty surfing. She was also exceptionally good at placing her eight pounds exactly in the middle of the bed. I really think that cats study geometry in their spare time, just so they can compute the center of every object they lay on.

  27. I have 3 lovely girls and we all sleep together. I start out on my back with assorted cats draped over me. I roll over, they all dash off to come back a few minutes later to re-drape themselves. In the warmer months we start with the first snuggle then everyone off to their corner of the big bed, just too hot to snuggle.

  28. Our only cat that sleeps consistently with us is the old man we rescued from the street. Since we kept him in the bedroom as he got stronger I believe it has been claimed as “his territory”. His preferred location to sleep s next to my head, on my pillow or on my husband’s pillow, usually with his (husband’s) head sandwiched underneath. I will never ceased to be amused to see my cat curled up on the pillow then look to see my husband’s body down the rest of the bed. The cat looks so proud!

  29. Four cats and a 6-2 husband in a queen-sized bed! Like Allegra, Mollie is bitey when disturbed under the covers and last night I almost lost a toe … and, yes, those unmentionable spots. Tekla also must sleep under the covers, but I must face toward the center of the bed. Pully and Dusty sleep at the bottom — except after my husband leaves when Dusty creeps up and positions himself against my chest and Pully against my stomach.
    Sometimes, I just have to give everyone the boot, reposition myself and then they come back to their respective places.
    Yes, occasionally, uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  30. Our cats sleep with us. Our youngest cat Sammy sleeps on my pillow, just above my head but he sometimes manages to push me off the pillow. I’ll occasionally wake up with my head on the sheet with a very happy cat stretched out across the pillow. I may be crazy but this never fails to make me laugh.
    Deborah Julian

  31. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to get a good night’s sleep without my kitties!

    Teaka had her own pillow, right by my head where she could give me tortie loving whenever she felt like it, and my arm was always wrapped around her. After she passed, Bones decided he wanted that pillow and has taken up her spot. Sometimes the dog beats him to it, not caring that the pillow is cat sized and waaaay too small for her.

    I now have a sweet little tortie kitten who joined the pack just before Christmas – she also sleeps on the bed, but she hasn’t quite figured out exactly that the bed is for sleeping, not playing!

  32. Absolutely! Anna spends part of the night snuggled into my left armpit, and Bella sleeps between my knees. I, too, become a contortionist trying not to disturb them until my joints hurt so badly I HAVE to move.

  33. I have had two Siberian forest cats for two years, Billy the boy always came to bed and put his head on my pillow, stretched out by my side. His sister never got on the bed and always slept on the landing ( just above the central heating pipes ).
    On the 21st Dec, someone gave Billy a kicking in our street, broken jaw, punctured lung …. he lasted two days in the hospital but died comfortable thanks to the vets.
    Missy, his sister has been calling for him for two weeks now and is only just settling down.
    She now sleeps on my slippers by the bed where she can see me, gets up if I get up, and goes back if I go back to bed.

    • Phil I am so sorry to hear this about Billy-that is horrendous. His poor sister, I can only imagine she is missing him.

    • That is so horrible to hear. I’d be happy to kick the holy living hell out of anyone who even thinks about harming an animal. I’ve always been a far bigger fan of animals than people. My heart goes out to you.

  34. Yup, I have at least six cats on the bed with me at some point during the night. I get in the middle and they all surround me so it is next to impossible for me to get up for any reason. Some are on my feet, some are all snuggled up against me and some are just beside me. The new kitten, hasn’t figured out getting on the bed at night but mainly that is because the bigger cats have told her that she had better not get on the bed. Not to worry, I bet she is there very soon.

  35. yes! i happily sleep with my cats. my current cat sleeps next to my face, and in the crook of my neck. he must knead my face or neck before he falls asleep. if he wakes in the middle of the night, he’ll start purring loudly and kneading again! which in turn wakes me! LOL!!

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