Santa Paws Drive

Shelter animals are often overlooked during the busy holiday season. The Santa Paws Drive wants to change that. The drive is dedicated to helping shelter animals have a happy holiday season. With your help, Santa Paws wants to make sure they get the love, attention and gifts that our pets are so fortunate to get, at the holidays, and every day.

Now in its third year, Santa Paws Drive is the first “virtual toy drive” for pets. You can donate either cash or gifts, and the Santa Paws elves will divide up the goodies and money and send them off to six shelters across the world. This year’s goal ist to raise $900 plus collect lots of toys and treats for each shelter.

This year’s shelters are Belleglen Cat Sanctuary in California, Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in North Carolina, Greenfields Greyhond Rescue in the UK, K9 Kastle in New York, Sheba’s Haven Rescue in Canada, and Black Dog Animal Rescue in Wyoming.

For more information about the shelters, and how to donate, please visit the Santa Paws Drive website. Please help bring some joy to shelter animals this holiday season!

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  1. Thanks for writing about this! I had completely forgotten about this initiative. I do have a large shopping bag full of fleece blankets to take to my local shelter today, though! (For anyone who might be interested in doing that, Rite Aid has them on sale right now – buy one for $4.99, get one free. It’s a really easy way to pick up something that shelters always need! They also have cheap hand sanitizer, something else shelters always need.)

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