Marthat Stewart Pets double feeder

Martha Stewart Pets is offering a new line of pet products exclusively through PetSmart. A cat owner herself (click here to watch a slide show of Martha’s cats), Martha has devised many unique cat care solutions for herself and her animals.

One of these products is the Double Feeder pictured above. PetSmart’s PR agency sent us a set of the feeder and the Feeding Mat from the same line to test, and we are pleased to be able to offer to give away one of these combos to one lucky reader.

The feeder is cleverly designed. The removable stainless steel bowls are easy to clean. The non-skid bottom and rubber base make the dining experience more pleasant for your cats since they won’t have to chase a moving bowl. The plastic covers make storing of any leftover food easy. The lipped-edge mat prevents messy spills and makes clean-up easier. The bowls are shallow and wide enough to not touch cats’ whiskers, something most cats hate.

Martha Stewart Pets double feeder from PetSmart

Allegra and Ruby obliged me to get this photo of them eating some freeze dried chicken treats out of the feeder. I don’t think they would have liked sharing a single feeder for their regular meal, so I didn’t even try.

To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win this feeder. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Tuesday, October 11.

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  1. This would be great to have for my girls Batman and Two Face. They’re super messy eaters so the mat would be super helpful! It doesn’t look like they’d be able to push it around, which is also a great thing because when they’re eating they tend to shove their bowls every which way haha.

  2. Wow – this covers all bases…non-slip (which is the biggest seller for me) to keep the bowls from being pushed all over the room, bowls that lift out so you can refill/clean only one side if necessary, cover to keep leftovers fresher. Love this!!

  3. This would be perfect for our old man, Anakin. He’s the messiest eater of our cats and has the most difficulty in getting his food so the slip resistance is really a nice feature. Since he gets different food from the young girls the lids are perfect to keep the food safe when he decides he’s full! Plus it’s really attractive looking!

  4. I would love to win this..(what else do you want me to say JenniMurr )…tell everyone you are a good mommeh because you want me to have this special Martha Steward feeder…Dear Cat Keepers….huhummm.(.I am a good Mommeh to JenniMurr, she will give extra loves and purrs to me if she wins….I would appreciate extra loving and purrs from her, sincerely Aledra…JenniMurrs mommeh)… Thank you too from JenniMurr!

  5. petals gets the dish in the low cardboard box; Thor has to eat from the dish on the floor—and he makes a mess! it would be nice to have both of their messes contained. 🙂

  6. I’ve been looking for a new feeder for my three cats because the one I have is almost ten years old and looking pretty gross. This one is beautiful!

  7. Since I feed raw to 5 cats, and 1 is very territorial, this is an interesting concept. I like the lids for the steel bowls. So far we have been using old china tea cup saucers and a set of breakfast plates.

  8. My kitty would love this bowl because she is a fan of blue. I would love it because she kicks her rejected food out of her current dish onto my floor, and it is a pain to clean it up.

  9. Gypsy likes to separate her two types of food prior to eating it, so the dual feeder would let me give her both and save her the work. Also, her separation takes place on the floor next to her dish, and this rubber matted base would make the cleanup from her process soooo much easier!

  10. That really is pretty cool looking! I have been thinking I needed some sort of mat beneath our kitty bowls – we have sloppy cats! 🙂 Our guys would be fine sharing a feeder so this might just fit the bill! 🙂

  11. Leave it to a perfectionist like Martha to design (with her team) something practical and attractive. It has many features our cats would enjoy, but since it’s designed to house food and water for one cat, it would be fun to see which cat would want it the most. I’m assuming the plastic is dishwasher safe?

    • Layla, it doesn’t say anything about the plastic being dishwasher safe, but it’s melamine, so I’m assuming it is. I don’t think I’d put the mat in the dishwasher, though.

  12. I have 5 cats and they would love to win because it looks liek they can’t be tipped over easy, and they are also stylish, and I think my cats would love them, the dogs have a single martha stewart dish and the cats have been known to try to eat out of it, so this would be purrfect for them t have their own, mant especially for them.

  13. Well. Klepto, Remy and I (Salem) quite honestly see this set as a buzz kill. It’s ever so much fun to have your person wander around and try to figure out where you’ve moved the bowls to this time. Also, these bowls don’t look like they could easily be tipped over or placed (ever so perplexingly, it’s our secret) on top of one another.

    But with that said, our person has been looking a little off lately when we do this. I suppose we have plenty of other games we could play, so if she wins your contest we’ll just continue the product “testing” on our own. Oh yes we will. =^..^=

  14. Their serene highnesses, Big Bad Baby Twinkle and Sweet Cee Cee give this setup an 8 paws-up approval — OK girlies, put your furry arms and laigs down and get off your backs.

  15. I definitely want to be entered for this give-away. I don’t enter many of them, but the boys (Bugsy and Knuckles) could sure use this. They push their bowl from one end of the feeding area to the other, often sloshing against their water dish. It would be perfect for them. I’m off to tweet about it and put it on Facebook too. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly give the boys some class during their dining experience.

    pawhugs, Max

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