6 packs 9 lives calendar cat adoption

Congratulations, Josie!
You’re the winner of the 6 Packs / 9 Lives Calendar!

Look for an e-mail from The Conscious Cat.

I used a random number generator to pick the winner. I don’t usually share the winning comment in the post announcing the winner, but Josie’s is too funny not to share:

“I totally need to get this calendar because my Mother-in-Law always buys my husband a cheesy/sleezy swimsuit calendar. It’s not fair for him to have cheesy sleeze and for me to be gifted a calender that contains (strictly) cute, fuzzy, kittens.”

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  1. Don’t worry Julia – those kitties look photo shopped in there, I’m sure no kitties were harmed in the shoot since the group is trying to save the kittehs!
    I ordered one for my sister and I cannot wait to see her reaction, we always tease that she is a crazy cat lady because she loves the purries!
    If you want to buy a calendar and support this noble cause – here’s the link – http://www.foundanimals.org/cat-days-summer/6-packs-9-lives

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