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Of all the exhibits at BlogPaws, the table hosted by the folks at Found Animals was easily the most eye catching. Was it the gigantic poster version of this calendar? I think it just might have been!

Found Animals promotes pet adoption and responsible pet ownership and encourages people to get out and volunteer for animal related causes in their communities. And since cats generally fare even worse than dogs in shelters, they decided to shine the spotlight on cat adoptions by creating this unique calendar.

6 packs 9 lives calendar back cover

The calendar was photographed by award-winning fashion and beauty photographer, Adam Bouska of  the “No H8” campaign (and wouldn’t it have been fun to be able to watch that shoot!). It is published by Brown Trout Publishers, who are  donating $1 from each calendar sold in retail outlets. You can also order the 6 Packs/9 Lives calendar online now.

Found Animals has purchased 10,000 calendars that will be donated to LA area non-profit groups that help cats. These groups will be able to sell the calendars as a fundraiser for their organization. If your organization would like to participate, please email Found Animals at info@foundanimals.org.

I’m giving away one calendar to one lucky reader (cooling fan not included!). To enter the giveaway, let me know why you’d like to win the calendar. For an extra chance to win, visit the Found Animals website and look around, then come back here and tell me what you liked best there, or found most useful, in a separate comment. For yet another chance to win, share this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook and leave the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends September 22.

12 Comments on Giveaway: 6 Packs / 9 Lives Calendar

  1. I love this group! A friend of mine forwarded me a blog from their site and now I check in once every couple week to see what’s new, the topics range from all the stuff they work on – micro chipping, spay & neuter, pet adoption but they also have random fun stuff too, I’m guessing the woman that work there are trying not to develop a complex LOL


  2. I love everything about the site-information about low-cost spay/neuters to the Adopt and Shop, and information about pet care to volunteering. A nicely set-up site with a lot of information and helpful info.

  3. I totally need to get this calendar because my Mother-in-Law always buys my husband a cheesy/sleezy swimsuit calendar. It’s not fair for him to have cheesy sleeze and for me to be gifted a calender that contains (strictly) cute, fuzzy, kittens.

  4. I thought the breakaway cat collars with ID were a great idea. I need some of those for my cats.

    Love the calender too, what a great idea to support the cats.

  5. I liked the section on spay/neuter resources. Not only did it give locations but also basic information about what a spay or neuter is and dispelled some of the common myths. It’s easy to assume people understand spay/neuter but a lot don’t and having this information available is a great idea. I am going to suggest adding this to the website I maintain for a local TNR group.

  6. I LOVE the free downloadable pet care manuals. That is so cool. Since I’m a pet sitter, I can share those with my clients as well. I also love that California has those license plates that benefit spay/neuter programs. Made me go back and see if we had something like that in NC and guess what….we do. That’s going to be my gift to myself. 🙂

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