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I have previously written about the gentle healing power of flower essences. Flower essences provide vibrational healing for body, mind and spirit. The most widely-known flower essence is probably Rescue Remedy, a blend of several Bach Flower Essences. Rescue Remedy helps with stressful situations, for both pets and people.

I’ve used flower essences for quite some time, both for my cats and for myself, with good success. I’ve found the essences to be particularly helpful with emotional and behavioral issues.

When Allegra first came to me, I used Green Hope Farm Essences to help with her play aggression and her fear of loud noises. I also used traditional behavior modification techniques and play therapy. I don’t believe that we would have made progress as quickly as we did with just the traditional therapies alone.

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to Spirit Essences. Spirit Essences is owned by nationally known feline behaviorist and star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell,” Jackson Galaxy. The company was founded in 1995 by Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veteriarian. Spirit Essences are the only veterinarian-formulated essences in the world.  Dr. Hofve  has more than a dozen years’ experience working with essences in a wide variety of species and settings. Jackson Galaxy has helped develop and refine the remedies based on his experience and the needs of his own clients.

Spirit Essences use only pure Eldorado Natural Spring Water from a cold-water artesian spring in Eldorado Canyon near Boulder, Colorado. This water is then enhanced with Full Color Spectrum Light, Reiki Energy (something that, as a Reiki Master Practitioner, appeals to me), and gem enhanced base water. They continuously review and update all their remedies as they add new essences to their inventory of over 300 essences. They also constantly fine-tune these formulas based on feedback from clients as well as clinical and personal experience.

Spirit Essences for cats Safe Space for Cats

I’ve used two of Spirit Essences’ formulas for Allegra over the past two months, and the results have been far more dramatic than any other essence line I’ve used.

Allegra came to me with a strong fear of outside noises – whether it was a trash truck going by, a neighbor mowing the lawn, heavy rain, or anything unusual and odd sounding outside. These sounds would send her into hiding into either her safe space in the downstairs shower stall, or inside the kitchen cabinets. When I started using Spirit Essences’s Safe Space for Cats for her, she became noticeably more confident. About a week after I started her on the remedy, she no longer ran to one of her hiding places when the trash trucks went by. In fact, she actually ran to the window to watch what! She hasn’t been inside the kitchen cabinets once since I started her on this remedy.

We’re still dealing with her fear of storms, especially those accompanied by heavy rain. For some reason, the sound of the rain hitting the house seems to scare her far more than the sound of thunder. For those times, I use Stress Stopper, Spirit Essences’ equivalent to Rescue Remedy. I’ve found it more effective for her than Rescue Remedy. She still hides during storms, but she comes out much quicker once the storm has passed, and she doesn’t look nearly as terrified as she used to.

Have you used flower essences for your cats? Please share your experience!

For more information about Spirit Essences, and to order, please visit SpiritEssences.com.

FTC full disclosure: I am an affiliate partner of Spirit Essences.

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  1. I have a male cat with chronic cystitis. We have tried many, many things. The only thing that really helps is antidepressants, but I don’t want to give him those long term. He was brought in from outside and seems well balanced, loving and playful with the other cats, but just has this chronic problem. We have put him on wet food and specialty food for urinary problems, but nothing really makes a difference. I was thinking of trying the UR-fine, but then was thinking of the stress stopper (I can’t afford both). Any helpful direction in this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Well I bought the feral cat one and the safe space one for my boy who has jealous tendencies and pees occasionally when he’s not feeling his manhood (cathood?)

    I did him first, and he took the first drop ok (it said to give orally) and he was OK, but by the second drop he was not happy. I let him go and he glared at me like I was just mean tricking him into that. I tasted it myself and was a little surprised by the bitter after tones

    The feral drops I put on the food of the starving kitties.. (I was two minutes past dinner time after all) The two I’m concerned about have made tremendous strides with the simple addition of a fun loving kitten who loves to snuggle, but I figure a few more strides couldn’t hurt. They were so hungry they didn’t notice the addition of the remedy.

    One dose, one day, no long term results to report yet, I would like to not see them cower when I go to pat them, that would be something..

    • Connie, I don’t give any of the essences orally. I just put a few drops on the palm of my hand and then gently rub it into the cat’s fur. I like to try to get it along the top of the spine, and the top of the head. Since these essences work on a vibrational level, all that matters is that you get them into the cat’s energy field – the how is not all that important. Since your boy didn’t care for the oral adminstration route, I’d suggest trying that approach with him.

      Since the others didn’t detect the essence in the food, you might as well keep giving it to them that way!

    • oh my! Don’t ever “give” them to a cat! And don’t rub them in their ears or on their paws..they will hate the alcohol preservative. I put a few drops between my palms, wipe them together and just run my hands from head to tail end, and then front to back on the sides just above the fur. I also put about 5 drops in a half a glass of their water, repeating 3 X a day. Flower Essences are the last! thing I want taken out of my medicine closet..I use it for bruises, for emotional havoc, like an accident, pulled tooth, almost no pain and work w/in 20 seconds at the highest level, then subsides. If it is long term trauma thing–like fear of thunder, I put it in their water as soon as a storm is coming through. These are the BEST healing thing I have ever found for emotional issues..my cat was terrified of vet, and when I used flower essences, he was calm w/in 30mins. Suspend believe and try them! They are $ back guarantee. I use Bach Flower Remedies for me and cat emergencies, and these for the cats for long term use when you are trying to change behavior. .

  3. Thanks for the discount code! I’ll have to see if they have something else I should try with my cats. Scaredy Cat seems to have really helped with Squeaker in particular, who used to hide inside (yes, inside) the bed every time he heard any kind of noise outside the house. He also always hid whenever anyone other than me was in the house. Well, I’ve recently witnessed him not only NOT run when the garbage truck came by, he – like Allegra – actually went to the window to watch! And then – miracle of all miracles – while I was on vacation, he actually CAME OUT to see my catsitter!!! Finally, another human has gotten to experience the full force of Squeaker love!

    I may need to add Scaredy Cat back into Lucky’s regimen. I switched him and Zanzibar (my foster cat with PTSD) to Trauma-free, but so far, I haven’t seen any improvement in either one. Perhaps Safe Space would be better to try with them? It’s so hard for a neophyte like me to decide which of all the available combos is best!

    • Hurray for your success with Sqeaker – that’s wonderful, Amy!

      I would suggest that you call or e-mail Spirit Essences, Amy – they’re very experienced and great at helping you determine which remedy might work best with Lucky. There is a Foster Care Remedy that might be an option for him.

    • Mikken, I just rub it into the fur, either on top of the head, or along the rump. You can rub it on the inside of the ears, but I find that most cats don’t care for that. You can also put a few drops in their water or mix it with food.

      If you use more than one remedy, the recommendation is to put the “base remedy” in their food or water, and administer the second remedy by rubbing into the fur.

      Since flower essences are vibrational healing, you just need to get them into the cat’s energy field. I don’t believe it matters all that much how that’s achieved.

  4. oooh.. thank you. I have a feral that is just not getting past her fear, and RR isn’t working it’s magic on her. She’s a little different from some of the others, so maybe this might help her..

    • Connie, they have a Feral Cat Rehabilitation formula that might work well for your feral. If you decide to use it, I’d love to hear feedback from you.

      • I just received my essences and ordered “feral cat” for a young shelter kitty. I’ll let you know how it progresses.
        I also began “hyper helper” for peachy ( the calico) :).. Just 3 days in, and hoping for great results. Going to use “obsession” for the complimentary.

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