Neko Flies interactive cat toys

I love interactive toys, and so do Allegra and Ruby. We have a closet full of them. They do come out of the closet frequently, the only reason they’re in there is because I don’t want the girls to play with these toys without supervision. According to the girls, a kitty can never have too many toys, so they were excited when we were contacted by the makers of the Neko Flies toys to see whether the girls wanted to review a couple of their products.

Nekochan Enterprises, Inc., a company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of unique, high quality pet products, was started by Ellen Tsuyuki, a multiple cat owner, because she was dissatisfied with toys available in the cat toy marketplace. Ellen decided to create a toy that would measure up to her and her cats’ particular needs. Ellen named the company after her mother’s Abyssynian cat Nekochan (“neko” means cat in Japanese, “chan” is a term of endearment).

I could barely get the toy out of the box and assembled (there isn’t much assembly required, you simply hook the string with the attached toy to the wand) before Ruby started pouncing on the the toy. The Neko Flies toys feature extremely realistic looking creatures – to the point where they actually creep me out a little, I’m not a fan of any insects. The things we will tolerate for our cats….

We tested the kittycada and the katarantula toys, and they were both equal hits. I was really excited that the girls played together with this toy! This is the first time they’ve done this with a single wand toy. Usually, I have to have a toy in each hand, and they’ll both play with their own toy. As you can see in the video below, they shared this one. And yes, that is a low growl that you’re hearing from Ruby – she did it every time she caught the cicada toy!

These are well-made toys that should stand up well to vigorous play, and if Allegra and Ruby’s initial delight in the toy are any indication, they will provide endless hours of fun at our house.

You can win a Neko Flies rod and attachment for your cats in the Neko Flies Sweepstakes! And as an exclusive offer for Conscious Cat readers only, Neko Flies provided a special contest code for one extra entry into the sweepstakes! Enter code NEKCON1 when prompted. The contest ends July 31. Good luck!

To enter the contest, go to the Neko Flies Sweepstakes Facebook page.

For more information about Nekochan Enterprises, Inc., please visit their website. When you do, make sure you take a minute to watch the fabulous video on their home page!

Allegra and Ruby playing with the Neko Flies kittycada:



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7 Comments on Product review and sweepstakes: Neko Flies Cat Toys

  1. Thanks for telling me about the contest. I have heard about those toys and I am sure my kitties would love them. P.S. If you have time this weekend, please come by to read my story about Willow the wheelchair kitty. I think you will like it!

  2. Hi Ingrid!
    We don’t want to be entered (because we have 2 attachments from when we reviewed the Neko flies a few months ago and we want to give others a chance to win) but I wanted to stop by and verify just how WONDERFUL and superbly made these toys are.

    The fuzzy mouse attachment that Cody has (he also has the Kragonfly) is his absolute FAVORITE TOY! So much so that he KNOWS what drawer I keep them in (I also have to hide them lol) He will often walk into the bedroom and stand on his hind legs by the drawer they are in and start meowing for them.

    In my opinion they are the BEST and the BEST made dangly toys on the market!
    Glad to see Allegra and Ruby having so much fun with them!

    • I think it’s just possessive growling. She does it even when Allegra isn’t in the room, and she only does it with the Neko Flies toys. She’s never done it with any other toy. Very odd!

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