Does your cat have a favorite toy?  Tell us what it is in a comment, and get entered in the contest to win a Play-n-Squeak wand!  For now, it’s still Allegra’s favorite toy, and you can read our review here

The contest is open until Sunday, August 1.  Allegra and I will choose the winner using a random number generator.

38 Comments on Favorite Toy Contest – Win a Play-n-Squeak Wand

  1. My cats name is Chase and one of his favourite toys is a small soft toy cat thats yellow with a white chest and pink nose. Its very worn and has aged with my cat. He makes me laugh with this toy as he walks around the house with it in his mouth. And when I’m upstairs he’ll walk to the bottom of the stairs with it and howl whilst its in his mouth (laughs) xxxxx

  2. My favorite toy is a wand with a long leather cord. At the end of the cord is a fuzzy thing with multiple long leather tails. I’ll happily chase it for HOURS (Mom gets tired too easily) and then I carry it around in my mouth, dragging the wand behind me.

  3. Da Bird. I’ve never met a cat who could resist it. It’s the only toy all of my cats and all of my mom’s cats will play with. My mom’s cat, Quark, looks at the shelf where it lives whenever anyone comes over b/c my ex and my mom’s Avon lady would always play with him when they came over.

  4. I have three cats. Sasha isn’t much of a player. She enjoys balls and the laser light. Jules like paper wads … and stuffed animals larger than he is. Abbey like ALL toys! She has balls, mice, other toys all over the house and she then goes to the basket and gets more out. I haven’t found a toy she doesn’t like!

  5. my cat Louie’s favorite toy is a leopard spotted ball with feathers – minus the feathers. I toss it across the room, he lunges for it, brings it back in his mouth, drops it at my feet & meows for me o throw it again. I love this cat!

  6. Sully’s favorite toy is probably either a laser pointer or a “fishing pole” wih feathers on the end. Seymour is more of a couch potato. His fav. toy is probably a piece of newspaper.

  7. The laser pointer is all 3 of mine’s favorite, by a long shot. My older female is also in love with “eraser” mice, made out of chalkboard eraser material. She carries them all over the house & rips them up on the stairs!

  8. MY cats have various toys, but they seem to prefer the neck band from a milk bottle. My one little CH cat, Tata, loves to play with the dogs tennis ball, lol.

  9. Our two older cats LOVE any of the Kitty Hoot Zoom catnip toys. Especially the bigger ones that they can bunny-kick. Our middle cat, he’s not a big toy fan – he prefers to play with REAL mice! And our 2 new kittens, they love anything that crunches – they louder the better!

  10. Right now Munchie goes between chasing a small round plastic piece which is her hockey puck & a catnip plush toy from Catching Lizards. She stalks, hunkers down, wiggles her butt & pounces on it & carries it around. But wads of paper are fun too.

  11. My cats love those sparkly pom pom balls. And the laser light. And those little rubber super balls. And anything else they can find to chase around the house! 🙂

  12. Balerion loves to play with almost anything, but his favorite toy is one of those dishes with an imbedded ball. He LOVES that toy!

    Our sweet boy Critter, who crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” a few years ago loved played with wadded up paper or a binder clip best. He was suspicious of anything made for cats. LOL

  13. Tigger’s favorite toy is the wrapping from Hershey’s Kisses or Reese Peanut butter cups, rolled up in a ball. He loves to play fetch with it and will frequently find his ‘toys’ and drop them on my face in the middle of the night to play!

  14. My Toothpick has a ton of toys to play with, but his ‘favorite’ is any toy that has me playing too. His favorite is usually a wand toy with a mouse, feathers, whatever on the end. But I have to be part of the action! There are a couple of toys he plays with by himself, but he prefers to interact with the toys and people at the same time.

  15. Louie loves his green and white ball with a bell inside the BEST!!! He plays soccer with it all down the hall and throws it up in the air and actually catches it with both paws!! It’s amazing, I will try to catch him on video with it one of these days…….

  16. My favorite toy is “cocktail weenie” but I also like to throw dirt out of the fig tree planter in the sun room. Play-n-Squeak toys are great. I have the mouse and he is very life like. Don’t tell anyone but I am a little afraid of him.

  17. Monkey’s favorite toy is whatever she can pilfer from me and bat around until I discover her thievery and take it back. She also likes her beat up furry white mouse. Another favorite toy is my other cat Peaches….she likes to be very close to Peaches while she’s sleeping, to enjoy the inevitable freakout when she wakes up.

    Peaches madly loves an old shoelace with a knot tied in one end.

  18. My three cats agree that their all around favorite toy is Ducky World’s catnip stuffed cigar. There are different shaped toys as well….. a banana and a rainbow, among others but the cigar wins, paws down. All are filled with YEOWWW! brand catnip which is organically grown and super potent. This toy has been kicked, chewed, dragged and fought over and it’s never worse for the wear!

  19. My torti, Pygmy, fell in love with this little blue moon toy that was attached to a cat bed I bought (one of the other cats detached it from the cat bed). She carries the toy around the house with her and talks while she is doing it. It is very sweet. We lost the toy once and I had to go buy another cat bed so we could get her another blue moon (we did find the other one under the stove, so now we have a backup).

  20. Dear Allegra’s Mom, I am writing to tell you that my most favorite toy in the whole wide world is my brand new squeaky mousey mouse-mouse and even though you didn’t ask, my second most favorite toy in the whole wide world is my brand old squeaky mousey mouse-mouse. We aren’t allowed to enter the contest because Zekey would eat the feathers on your special toy-can you believe a thing like that?! If you wanted, I could tell you about my third and fourth and fifth favorite toys, but I think you could probably guess those. Signed, EVA!

  21. All of my kids, five permanent, and many foster cats/kittens all LOVE their Peek-A-Prize Toy Box. It holds everything from toys to treats for them to work out of the box. I just wish that they could learn to reload the box rather than me having to do it for them!!

  22. Penelope has two ratty toys she loves-one is a ball that once had a feather the other was a stuffed fish that once had a feather-I have replaced both of them but she loves the old tattered ones better.

    Magellan-whatever Penelope is playing with he wants to play with-he loves his boxes and bags.

    We also have a wand with a feather that he loves to attack.

  23. This is so weird I have bought many a toy for CB over 9 years just hoping that this would be the one. His favorite toy is a Hershey Kiss or York Peppermint patty candy wrapper all balled up so he can bat it around. He actually comes running no matter how quiet I am when he hears me opening a piece of candy. It is hilarious to watch since I want to make sure he doesn’t try to eat it.
    Love & Hugs,

  24. I’ve made a very lucky discovery lately. Petco’s six-pack of rattle mice is perfect for our family because Marble hoards the 3 gray mouseys, and Junior Mint hoards the 3 white. I have no idea why they each have such a strong color preference, but it’s always true!

  25. Well we have five cats. They all love “Da Bird” (a great wand toy), and believe it or not, their other favorite “toy” is not a cat toy at all. They love elastic ponytail bands!

  26. The two of us have different favorites. Cate loves ANY ball. If it rattles, that’s better. And if she can pick it up, carry it around, and give it to a friend who plays fetch, that’s the BEST. Ms. Mollie loves her little leather mouse. No catnip, no rattle, and now no head since dog Bart chewed it off. But mom sewed it up across the neck and he’s (nearly) as good as new. The mouse suffered a head-ectomy and lives on. Sure would like to try this new toy.

  27. Of course our favorite toy is the laser beam. But our other favorite toy is the cat nip cigar. Every time we pass through the house, we all take turns giving it a toss or chew. We like anything actually. Oh, our very favorite thing to do is to shred the toilet paper or the paper towels. Boy that is fun. Hope we win that Play n Squeak toy. It looks like so much fun.

  28. My cat’s favorite “toy” is the 105 lb dog. Loves to play with his tail and pat at his face (we have a very patient dog).

  29. What a neat contest. Little One goes back and forth between an empty cardboard box and a a ball with a bell inside. Gum Drop seems to like the bell, but will play with a box from time to time. I tried one of those battery-operated mouse toys. They both just looked at it and walked off. The dog liked. LOL

    Thoughts in Progress

  30. My cat Lizzie loves her squeaky mice. I put them in a drawer at night so I won’t be awakened by their squeaks, but every morning she reminds me to throw them down the stairs for her to chase. Then they squeak all day as she knocks them around. I’m sure she would love the Play and Squeak wand.

  31. My cats have several different toys they like, but their favorite is the feather sword, or feathers on a stick. Suddenly sound asleep cats are stretching and jumping and having a grand time going after their prey.

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