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Those of us who love our cats sometimes wonder whether “normal” people might consider us a bit, shall we say, eccentric?  The following are some definite signs that you’re a cat lover:

  • You cut your after-work activities short just so you can get home to see your cat.
  • You dare not move a muscle when you cat falls asleep at your feet, even if you need to get up to go use the bathroom.
  • You sleep in the oddest positions, just so you can accommodate your cat, even if she chooses to plonk herself in the middle of your bed.
  • You take your cat’s name as your online name. 
  • When you’re telling a friend about having to take the cat to the V-E-T, you whisper and your eyes dart furtively around the room to make sure your cat isn’t within earshot.
  • You feel naked if your clothes aren’t covered in cat hair.
  • If you own more than one cat, you can tell which cat threw up just by looking at the pile.

Of course, none of us cat lovers consider any of these things abnormal!

Photo: morguefile.com

7 Comments on Abnormal Love of Cats?

  1. I agree, CattyGranny – I wouldn’t want to live any other way, either. All the points made in this post seem perfectly normal to me….

  2. Anlina – you’re welcome!

    Tamara – I think you’re just a good kitty mom! To me, most of the things on this list are perfectly normal behavior…. Years ago, I actually had a minor shoulder injury because my 13- pound cat slept on it most nights….but did I make him move? Heck, no!

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