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February 20, 2013 19 Comments

What is it about cats and sinks?

Posted by Ingrid


Most cats seem to have a fascination with sinks. Maybe it’s the cool surface. Maybe it’s the purr-fect shape. After all, most sinks are just the right size to make the ideal cat bed. Then of course, there’s the fascination with water: some cats seem to find drinking from a dripping tap simply irresistible, and hang out in the sink until their guardian will turn on the faucet.

Ruby is utterly fascinated with my bathroom. She usually sits on the vanity right next to the sink while I brush my teeth and wash my face. Occasionally, she will also sit in the sink. I’ve yet to catch Allegra in the sink, but she, too, likes to hang out in the bathroom with me. She prefers to watch from the toilet seat.

If you can’t get enough of cats in sinks, check out Buzzfeed’s gallery of 20 cats in sinks – some of the photos are hysterically funny.

A company called Little Cat Design took the concept of cats’ fascination with sinks one step further, and I think their Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat Bed® is absolutely brilliant. Let’s face it, while most of us will do just about anything to make our cats happy, we’d probably stop short of putting an actual cat bed into a bathroom sink – not to mention putting an actual bathroom sink into our living space.

ceramic cat bed

The idea for the Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat Bed®  was born when Buffy the Vampire Slayer a.k.a. Buffcat’s humans noticed her fascination with the bathroom sink. Buffcat was spending more time in her bathroom hideaway than with her humans, and they missed having her hang out with them, so they began experimenting with placing different types of sinks in their living room.

Buffcat was intrigued, and happily tested the various shapes and materials, but even though she was now spending time in the living room, the humans couldn’t bear to have unsightly, unfinished sinks sitting in their living space. They realized that they would have to come up with a unique design. The Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat Bed® is the culmination of extensive human and feline research, a passion for design, and the designers’ deep love for their Buffcat. For more information about the ceramic cat bed, the complete story behind the design, and to purchase, please visit

Are your cats fascinated with sinks? Share your stories in a comment, and post your photos to our Facebook page!


19 comments to “What is it about cats and sinks?”

  1. maru says:

    Just this morning there was a tabby boy in my bathroom sink while I was getting dressed. He looked adorable, and evethough I have no photos of that moment, he looked adorable… bot for me this face always looks adorable… :)

  2. I have been thinking and actually NEITHER of my cats were ever obsessed with the bathroom sink.
    Cody spends some time NEXT TO the kitchen sink but that only is because it is part of his 24-7 quest for more food and he looks for dropped morsels in the sink :)
    That being said I think the bed is a super clever idea!

  3. Marilia says:

    Cats and sinks = purfect

  4. Beany says:

    I think sinks tend to be the perfect size and shape to fit a kitty!

  5. mary T says:

    My cats always love the shape – like when i got a cat tree, they liked curling up in the bowl shaped levels. I think it makes them feel surrounded and safe.

  6. lisa says:

    My cat comes in my room every morning, goes into the bathroom and sits at the door and meows. When I get up he jumps on the sink and expects me to pet him and turn on the water so he can do his morning ritual of washing his face and drinking. I think he likes the faucet more then his automatic watering dish. He often even just sits in the sink and waits for me to come and turn it on . Has to be a trickle though….he doesn’t like the water on full blast.

  7. Fisher says:

    That is the cutest thing. I have never had a cat that would get in a sink. When Fisher was very tiny, she would jump up on top of the commode next to the sink. One morning she came tearing in and the lid was up. Oh my! She was always the best bath taker and I think it had something to do with that “baptism”.

  8. He just made himself home inside the sink. He’s also the one to meow for you to turn on the tub faucet to a trickle so he can drink from it. He is a ham!

  9. Pam says:

    One of my favorite pictures of my cat is from when he was a “teenager,” and he is in my bathroom sink with his “I dare ya!” look in his eyes! He still has that look, at age 13 :-), but hasn’t gotten into a sink in many years now.

  10. Bernadette says:

    What a cool idea! Of course we know of a certain family of black cats famous for their sessions in the vintage green sink, but torties Cookie and Kelly were also a sink-loving kitties–I have photos of Cookie in my original pedestal sink from 20 years ago, and of course she also loved other similar containers like mixing bowls and enamel pots…

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