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We already know that cats are little Zen masters who can help us meditate and generally live in the moment, but I can honestly say that I never thought of the litter box as a tool for mindfulness. Then a dear friend gave me the Zen Garden Litter Box for my birthday. And let me tell you, this tiny little litter box packs a mindfulness punch!

The kit includes

  • A 3-inch “Litter box” tray
  • Two tiny, 3/4-inch cats
  • A little bag of sand
  • Five tiny decorative rocks
  • A tiny 2 1/2 inch wooden rake
  • A 32-page book on the Zen of litter box gardening


Did I mention it’s tiny? It’s kind of funny how many of the Amazon reviews complain about it being too small. What part about 3 inches did these people not understand when they ordered it?

To me, part of its charm is in its size. The tiny cats are little works of art. They even have tiny little faces with adorable facial expressions!


Mindfulness or obsession?

I have to confess, I’ve become obsessed with my tiny litter box. I love rearranging the cats and the rocks, and there is definitely something incredibly Zen about raking it with the tiny rake. I just feel happy playing with it, and it does take my mind off of everything else while I rake and rearrange. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood and playing in a sand box?

Since I’m having so much fun with my tiny litter box, I have been trying to transfer the mindfulness of raking my tiny box to scooping out our “real” litter box. I don’t mind litter box maintenance, but it’s certainly not my favorite task. It’s been interesting to observe myself trying to be really mindful about scooping and making the box nice and fresh for Allegra a couple of times a day, rather than already thinking about the ten other things on my to do list that I have to do next.

The Zen Garden Litter Box is available from Amazon and makes the purrfect gift for cat lovers.

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  1. I just had to laugh. Like cleaning 2 kitty litter boxes twice a day isn’t enough.! Chuckling.!

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