Last Updated on: April 29, 2019 by Ingrid King


How cool is this cat bed? I fell in love with this combination end table cat bed as soon as I first laid eyes on it.

Generously sized at 21” high x 25” wide x 25” deep, with a machine washable canvas covered pillow, this beautiful piece will make cats and humans happy. It comes in smoke and espresso.


Ruby: Allegra, do you think Mom will get this for us?

Allegra: I know she’s thinking about it.

Ruby: If she does, I call dibs on the bed!

Allegra: Hmmm. Maybe Mom needs to get two of them?

Ruby: If she does, I still get first choice of which one I want to nap in!

Allegra: sighs.


The Wicker End Table Cat Bed is available from Amazon.

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