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Pet behaviorist and psychic Pru Marlowe is back! Let me start this review by saying that even though there is no cat on the cover, the book once again prominently features Pru’s crabby tabby Wallis.

In When Bunnies Go Bad, the sixth book in Clea Simon’s Pet Noir series, Pru discovers a murdered tourist, and ends up caring for his ski bunny girlfriend’s high maintenance spaniel. She is also working with a wild rabbit named Henry, who is supposedly tamed and illegally living with an eighty-four-year-old lady in her home, but is acting out and hiding.

Pru gets dragged into a complicated case that involves new and old friends, an old nemesis, and her own past, which she is trying to keep hidden. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend, police Detective Jim Creighton, warns her to steer clear off the case, but readers of the series know by now that’s not going to stop Pru. The fact that Pru’s past comes close to being exposed ups the ante.

Even though some readers may find that they have to suspend belief when it comes to Pru’s ability to communicate with animals, it is one of my favorite aspects of the series. Simon’s sensitive portrayal of Dru’s abilities, without entering into “woo woo” territory, will make you want to believe even if you may be a skeptic. Wallis is the only one in Pru’s life who knows about her gift, and she has insights into Pru’s nature that are occasionally unsettling even to Pru herself.

This is a well-written, fast-paced mystery, but in this installment, the mystery is almost incidental to the ongoing story of Pru’s relationship with animals – her own Wallis, and her clients’ animals, including a Bichon named Bitsy who insists his real name is Growler, and Henry the elusive rabbit. Cozy mystery lovers will enjoy this book, but so will animal lovers – and it just might make you view your own cats in a slightly different light.

Simon provides enough back story so that this book can be read as a stand-alone, but why not treat yourself to the whole series? Clea Simon shines at character development, and for me, one of the joys of reading this particular series is seeing Pru’s character change and grow with each book.

Clea Simon is the author of 19mysteries and three non-fiction books, including The Feline Mystique – On the Mysterious Connection Between Cats and Their Women. For more information about Clea, please visit her website.

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30 Comments on When Bunnies Go Bad Book Review

  1. I’ve enjoyed this series by Clea Simon, as I have all of her books. I especially like Growler, in the Pru Marlowe series, and of course there is snarky Wallis!

  2. I have to admit, I’m slightly disappointed this didn’t end up being about a serial killer bunny rabbit. But you’ve still got me intrigued!

  3. Would love to win this book for my house bunny owning friend. She has a bad bunny who fails his “play dates.”

  4. While a friend of mine is bunny-owned (the poor woman is cat allergic!), I am a cat person, so any book with cats in it has to be good!!

  5. Bunnies are so cute. I would love to read about this one. I’m having a hard time believing a bunny can go bad!

  6. I’ve read your book Kittens Can Kill and loved it. If When Bunnies Go Bad is as well written as Kittens, I am sure it will be a great read. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  7. Thank you for all the love! (I know it’s not really for me – it’s for Wallis, the cranky kitty.)I wish you could all win – but you should know that my publisher is having a sale on the e-book (Kindle) version of the first in the series, Dogs Don’t Lie (don’t worry, Wallis is in it!). Only 99 cents:

  8. I’d like to win because I like mysteries. I like animals (and don’t mind suspending belief when they feature into the plot, e.g. The Cat Who… books, Rita Mae Brown’s mysteries, etc) and I’ve never read anything by Clea Simon!

  9. I’ve read and enjoyed Clea’s Dulcie Schwartz mysteries–would love to dip into Pru Marlowe’s adventures!

  10. I love Clea’s Dulcie Schwartz mysteries and haven’t yet dipped into the Pru Marlowe books. This sounds like even more fun than that series. Would love to dip in!

  11. Thank you, Ingrid! And, yes, the bunny isn’t really bad… just misguided! Love your illustration.

  12. I’ve not had the pleasure of reading one of Clea Simon’s books yet and I’d really love the chance to. This one sounds great!

  13. i love bunnies and had 4 once all the same time!! They are such little characters and all very different. Would love to read this book.

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