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Cat lying on the bathroom sink

Cats seem to have an endless fascination with bathrooms. Whether it’s sinks, bathtubs or shower stalls, I have yet to meet a cat who isn’t intrigued by at least one of those. And when was the last time you’ve been able to go to the bathroom without a feline escort?

I recently received an email from a reader telling me that the only time her cat will come up on her lap is when she’s in the bathroom. Why was she doing this, and how could she get her to come up on her lap at other times? My answer to the first question was “because your cat has a captive audience!” But the question also got me thinking about the topic of cats and bathrooms in general.

cat_in_sink Allegra and Ruby both love being in the bathroom with me. Ruby in particular likes to sit on the vanity and watch me get ready. She likes to get very close up and purr-sonal, sometimes even sticking her head in my face when I brush my teeth. Allegra’s favorite part is when I put body lotion on. She loves to lick my arms or legs afterwards. Even though I use all natural cosmetic products, I only let her have a few licks before I move away from her – even the ingredients in natural body lotions can’t be good for kitty tummies.


The first photo I ever saw of Allegra on Facebook was the one above, sitting on her foster mom’s toilet seat! She still likes to sit on the toilet seat to this day, waiting for me to come out of the shower. When I first adopted her, she would sometimes join me in the shower. I’d never had a “shower kitten” before, and it was fun to watch her bat at the water. She outgrew this habit by the time she turned one. Ruby, who never does anything halfway, took shower adventures to a new level when she jumped into the tub one day, not realizing I was in there and the shower was running. You can read all about her experience here.

Are your cats fascinated with the bathroom? Share your stories!

Featured Image Credit: Kapa65, Pixabay

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