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I’m not a big fan of Sci-Fi, and I rarely read Fantasy, so when Debra Denker first approached me two years ago about reviewing  Weather Menders, a Cli-Fi novel about reversing climate change through time travel, featuring a time-traveling cat, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I certainly didn’t think I’d be drawn in to the point of being unable to put the book down. And now, this wonderful book is available in audio form, narrated by the author.

I had never even  heard the term “Cli-Fi” until I received a copy of this book. Abbreviated from Climate Fiction, this genre deals with climate change and global warming. Works of cli-fi may take place in the world as we know it or in the near future.


Can Time Travel reverse climate change? What if Time Travelers from 300 years in the future told you that there was a chance that you could prevent catastrophic climate change, plagues, and wars by going back in time to key Pivot Points and ethically altering the outcome of rigged elections? What if failure would result in the destruction of the biosphere? Would you go?

In post-plague 2050 Britain, palm trees tower over the rice paddies of Stonehenge. Tara MacFarlane, a weary 96-year-old anthropologist originally from Taos, New Mexico, longs only to finish out her life in peaceful Buddhist meditation, and rejoin the great love of her later years, the humanitarian Scottish-Afghan doctor Xander, in a future incarnation. Suddenly one stifling autumn day Tara, her great-granddaughter Leona, and Leona’s boyfriend Janus are faced with a trio of Time Travelers from a future alternate Timeline where humanity and the eco-system survived and thrived.

The fate of Earth’s biosphere falls squarely on the shoulders of Tara, Leona, Janus, and Tara’s small gray cat, Georgie, who shows a surprising aptitude for telepathy. Time is short to reverse catastrophe that will bleed through into the alternate Timeline, and the Time Travelers must first determine the ideal Pivot Points by reading Time Code vibrations off the great standing stones of Avebury. Unexpectedly joined by the brave and wise cat Georgie, the six plunge into the Time Circle of Stonehenge on their mission. Where and when will they go, and will they succeed in restoring the earth and humanity to balance?

My review of Weather Menders

This book holds a place on my list of all time favorite books. The story is incredible, the writing is luminant, and the depth of the material is breathtaking. Even if this is completely outside of the range of what you normally read, give this book a chance. You won’t be disappointed. Read my full review here.

Now available as an audiobook

We need all the distractions we can get right now, and what better way to spend some time  allowing yourself be transported to another world? “It’s a great way to spend 10 hours, re-imagining the future,” says Debra, “re-imagining us getting through the plagues and financial crash (wish I’d been wrong about those) to a New Earth, a changed dream.”

Weather Menders is also available in print and for Kindle.

Debra and Sammy

About Debra Denker

Debra is a true Renaissance woman. She seeks to re-vision a lighter, brighter world of greater compassion through a variety of means, from writing, photography, and film-making to holistic healing, spiritual counseling and readings, shamanic work, animal communication, and ministerial services including weddings, memorials, and ceremonies for transition. She also teaches many of the modalities that she practices. Debra shares her New Mexico home with her three cats, Yeshe Gyalpo, Samadhi Timewalker (Sammy) and Dorjee Purr-ba.

On a more personal note, Debra has been a crucial member of Team Ruby during Ruby’s illness, and continues to support Allegra and me with her remote healing work through this difficult time. For more information about Debra, visit

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