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Thanks to a new charity, you no longer have to feel guilty for watching cat videos online when you should perhaps be doing something a little more productive, like feeding your cats. Cats vs. Cancer is the brainchild of two Georgetown University graduates, Tom O’Connor and Eddie Peña. This innovative charity raises money through advertising; a portion of those dollars earned by Cats vs. Cancer, along with all direct donations, go to one of the non-profit’s cancer-fighting partners.

To attract the page views and dollars necessary to make this venture work, O’Connor and Peña created a website filled with the cutest cat videos from around the web. The more time you spend clicking and sharing their kitty content, the more money goes to the selected charities. But why don’t I let Tom and Eddie explain how it all works:

The charity of the month for March is Bringing Hope Home, an organization that provides grants to pay essential household bills for families with cancer in the greater Philadelphia area.

For more information, and to start watching videos, please visit

Image Credit: screenshot from Cats Vs. Cancer video

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