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I have been a fan of the Vesper line of furniture from Hagen ever since I first saw it at Superzoo in Las Vegas two years ago. We own and love some of this furniture, and it gets used by Allegra and Ruby every single day. The entire line offers the purrfect combination of beautiful design, cat-friendly materials and absolutely wonderful workmanship. All of the pieces are simply stunning. They feature different combinations of platforms, cubes, and tunnels, and plenty of scratching areas.

The new Vesper Play & More Feline Furniture Series is a smaller version of the existing modern Vesper line. Vesper Play items for kittens and cats combine aesthetic, compact design and functionality. All furniture has options for walnut or white finish.


The V—Playstation is a discovery center, play area and learning device in one. It can be used in various positions to diversify your cat’s playtime. Available from Amazon for $40.22 with free shipping for Prime members.



The V—Stool is an expandable play and sleeping spot for cats. You can combine several pieces to create a unique adventure tower for exploration. Available from Amazon for $59.71 with free shipping for Prime members.


The V—Box is offered in small and large sizes with multiple levels for relaxing in sleeping caves, playing with toys and scratching on pillars. Available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members. $64.99 for the small version, $89.99 for the large version.

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