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I first heard about Urban Tigers: Tales of a Cat Vet when a friend forwarded me an e-mail about the book. She had received her e-mail from a cat vet friend, and it included endorsements by two of the premiere feline veterinarians in North America, Dr. Susan Little and Dr. Margie Scherk. Dr. Little called it a “must-read for all vets, vets-to-be & cat lovers”. Dr. Scherk called it “a delightful read.” I had to know more. When my copy arrived, I could hardly wait to get started.

I wasn’t disappointed. Urban Tigers is the story of Dr. Emily McBride’s first year at the Ocean View Cat Hospital in Nova Scotia, Canada. Under the guidance of the flamboyant Dr. Hughie Doucette, Emily encounters a wide variety of cat loving clients, ranging from the retired history professor whose cherished felines only drink bottled water to the self-proclaimed cat psychic whose cat has a lot to say about just how he’d like things to be. At first, Emily is treated as the “new kid on the block” by Dr. Doucette’s clients, but she quickly earns the trust and respect of the colorful and entertaining residents of the small town the clinic is located in.

Drawn from her own experiences in a feline practice, Chisholm’s Urban Tigers brought back some fond memories of my years spent working in veterinary clinics. I worked at a small town clinic for eight years, and while our clients may not have been quite as eccentric as some of Emily’s, it was close.

I laughed, I shed a few tears, and I couldn’t stop reading. My absolute favorite story in the book is the final one, about a barn cat rescued by one of Emily’s handsome male clients. I don’t want to spoil the story, but let’s just say it turned into a case of “who rescued who” in the end.

Urban Tigers is a novel, but it reads like a memoir. The stories are heartwarming and endearing, as well as humorous, and the book is hard to put down. This book will delight cat lovers and those who want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes of a feline veterinary clinic. I was delighted to hear that Kathy Chisholm is working on a sequel, because I didn’t want this book to end.

Kathy Chisholm is an award-winning author for her novel Urban Tigers, Tales of a Cat Vet and short story Seen But Not Heard. In 1987, she and her husband, veterinarian Hugh Chisholm, established the Atlantic Cat Hospital, one of the first feline-only practices in Canada. They live in Nova Scotia with five cats, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a fluctuating number of fish. For more information about Kathy and her book, please visit her website.

This book was sent to me by the publisher.

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  1. The book was a great read, in fact I did not want it to end! I laughed and even shed a few tears. My wife and I loved this book so much that we bought several copies to give friends and family as Xmas gifts. It begs for a sequel …

  2. I just finished reading this wonderful book. Kathy Chisholm is a gifted writer who has delivered a novel that very much sounds like a memoir, as Ingrid mentioned. Twenty-two stories, each a stand-alone chapter, will give you good reason to laugh . . . and cry. I own many, many books about animals, and this is now among my favorites. Thank you, Ingrid, for your review, which brought the book to my attention. I hope the friends (to whom I gave the book for Christmas) enjoy it as much as I did. Can’t wait for Urban Tigers Two!

  3. When someone says they don’t want a book to end, that’s a great endorsement.

    Thanks for telling us about this book

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

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