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Water is critical to keeping your cat healthy. Cats as a species don’t have a high thirst drive, and this can lead to chronic low-level dehydration if a cat is fed mostly dry foodProper hydration can help prevent urinary tract disease and promote healthy kidney function by flushing toxins. Fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water.

With so many fountains available, it can be difficult to determine quality. The two main things I look for in a fountain are that it needs to be easy to clean and easy to operate, but I also want it to look good and be quiet.



UAH Pet Zero Automatic Fountain features

  • Cordless and battery operated: this is the first fountain of its kind that I’ve seen that doesn’t have a cord. If has a 5000mAh high-capacity battery with up to 120 days of battery life.
  • Anti-tipping bracket keeps fountain stable and stops your cat from knocking it over.
  • Two timer modes: The motion activated mode starts the fountain when your cat comes within 5 to 8 inches of a thermal image sensor. The time mode releases water every 15 minutes.
  • Water and battery are separated as an added safety feature.
  • 6 Layer circulating filtration system provides cleaner, healthier water. Filter and sponge should be replaced every three to four weeks, depending on use.
  • Large capacity 2 liter/67 ounce tank.
  • Avoids whisker fatigue with a wide water tray.


Putting the UAH Pet Zero Fountain to the test

The box contained a small leaflet that showed the various parts, but no instructions on how to put the fountain together. A huge thank you  to Caren of Cat and Dog Chat with Caren for pointing out where she found the assembly video, because I would have been lost without it. Once I watched the video, assembly was super easy. There are very few parts, which will make cleaning quick and easy, too.


Allegra has not shown much interest in fountains, but she was intrigued with this one, maybe because it kept moving to different spots in the house!

This is one of the quietest fountains we’ve reviewed, which is a huge plus in my book. I absolutely LOVE that this fountain is cordless, allowing you to place it anywhere without having to worry about cords getting in the way.


While I prefer ceramic fountains to plastic, the cordless feature makes me like this one enough to award our Seal of Approval. The only thing that would make this fountain better is if it were made out of ceramic. Perhaps UAH Pet will consider that for a future model?

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