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Petfinder and BlogPaws have joined paws to designate the week of September 19 through 25 as “Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week. ”  There are so many factors that can make a pet harder to adopt:  age, disability, special medical needs, even coat color (black dogs and cats are known to be more difficult to adopt out than other coat colors).  Be The Change for Pets, a movement created by the passionate BlogPaws community, issued a challenge to pet bloggers to champion some less adoptable pets this week.   I don’t particularly care for the term “less adoptable pet,” I think it does these wonderful animals a disservice to be labeled in this way.  I much prefer to call these pets “special adoptable pets.”

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Coco Chanel and Dakota (aka Cody).  Both are being fostered through Fancy Cats Rescue Team, a Herndon, Virginia based leader in the Washington DC area animal rescue community for twenty years.  Fancy Cat Rescue Team’s mission is to end needless euthanasia at shelters in the National Capital area by rescuing and finding suitable lifetime homes for our cats, promoting spaying and neutering, and educating the public on responsible pet ownership.   Coco Chanel and Dakota are fostered by one of the many dedicated FCRT volunteers.

Coco Chanel is a beautiful, sweet (maybe a little misunderstood) 10 year old, brown tabby, with dazzling emerald eyes.  She is white- mitted and bibbed and has a purr motor that she revs up for you when you sit on the couch with her.  When her foster family gets home from work, she is the first one meowing her greetings and asking for some love and attention. She loves to have her neck scratched, and likes to place her two front paws on your lap while you coo and talk to her, telling her about your day.  When she is really happy and wants attention, she will bury her head in your arm or leg.  She loves to play with her favorite toy (Da Bird).

She loves to lie around and will frequently strike the most adorable poses.  She is a true creature of habit and is extremely easy to care for.  All she longs for is some love and attention, maybe a little play time every now and then, and someone who is willing to be just a little patient.  She has been with Fancy Cat Rescue Team for over two years and in her current foster home for nearly a year.  She is a sweet girl who keeps getting passed over.  Since she gets easily stressed, she isn’t able to attend adoption fairs.  She needs someone willing to earn her trust and meet her on her terms.

She has a history of urinary infections but has never displayed any inappropriate litter habits.  She is on a special diet to ensure there are no more flare ups.   She has only one canine tooth but it doesn’t affect her eating habits.   She needs to be an only cat – unfortunately she doesn’t tolerate sharing you with any other furry companions.  Her foster family suspects she may also have stress related asthma and may start coughing when she is put into a really stressful situation. She would do well in a nice, quiet, adults-only home.  You can find Coco Chanel on Petfinder here.

Dakota (aka Cody) is a stunningly handsome gray and white, declawed 8-year-old male Norwegian Forest Cat mix. Upon first meeting him, he might be just a little shy and reserved, but he warms up quickly. He was given up by his previous owners when their child developed allergies.  He and his brother Sunny (recently adopted) were sequestered to a part of the house away from the child.   Cody became very sad and missed his constant human companionship.

Cody was recently diagnosed with diabetes and has been started on a regular schedule of insulin injections. He has taken to them extremely well and has already fallen into a routine:  after eating, he promptly gets on his foster mom’s lap and begins to knead while he is given his treatment.

He is an extremely loving boy.  When he is really happy you can catch him doing the cutest “making bread dance” where he begins to knead with all four of his paws.  He likes to explore, but mostly just wants to be near you.  He likes to perch up in high places and to watch the action below. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy in bed, he is your guy.  He has been very tidy in the litter box.  He is just a little underweight, but has started to gain weight and should reach his ideal weight soon. As with all medium and long haired cats it is very important that he be brushed.  He actually loves being brushed so much he frequently even drools a little in delight from the attention.  He hasn’t been with any other cats except for his recently adopted brother, but if he is introduced slowly and properly he may get along with other cats just fine.  He is an extra sweet boy who is looking for his forever home.  You can find Cody on Petfinder here.

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