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When I first heard about the Cat’s Trapeze, I had visions of Allegra and Ruby flying through the air in a feline version of Cirque du Soleil – Cirque des Chats anyone?

Okay, no. It’s not that kind of trapeze. The Cat’s Trapeze is a unique product designed to provide active cats with an alternative to climbing the curtains and furniture. The sturdy cotton fabric withstands heavy use and the soft cushions provide a perfect place to nap. You can read our review of the Cat’s Trapeze here.

cat trapeze the cat's trapeze

The Cat’s Trapeze is made of sturdy cotton fabric and comes without the inner pillows. The trapeze can be stuffed with throw pillows, or for a more eco-friendly approach, use old towels, recycled clothes or crumpled newspapers placed inside a pillowcase. Inner pillows made especially for filling the trapeze can be purchased separately.

The Cat’s Trapeze includes a bonus cotton hammock that attaches under the bottom pillow, creating an extra napping spot. The trapeze also comes with a small piece of sisal rope that is used to bind the trapeze straps together and attach to mounting hardware. (Mounting hardware not included.) The trapeze can be machine washed at 104°F, and should be air dried to prevent shrinking.


The Cat’s Trapeze is available in two styles: the 2-pillow trapeze and the 3-pillow trapeze. The 2-pillow version regularly sells for $99.99, the 3-pillow for $124.99.

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