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2011 Petties winner Kitten Associates

All Pettie winners received $1000 from DogTime Media, to be donated to a shelter or rescue group of our choice. I chose to split my prize money between Casey’s House and Kitten Associates.

I finally had a chance to present the prize money to Robin Olson, the founder of Kitten Associates. Kitten Associates is dedicated to saving the lives of cats (and dogs, too!),supporting animal rescue organizations with powerful online marketing tools, and championing legislation for spay/neuter programs to end pet overpopulation.

In addition to rescuing cats in need, Kitten Associates builds and delivers management and communications tools to struggling, small rescue groups and shelters, to help them be more effective in promoting their available animals, raising donations and attracting more volunteers. Both Robin and her fiancé, Sam Moore, draw on many years of experience with corporate management and marketing communications, and they plan to deliver web sites, databases, communications strategies and other technical and marketing support tools that can help rescue organizations make the most of their limited personnel and resources. They are able to do this for no or very low cost because they get their funding from grants and corporate and private donors.

I’ve known Robin for two years now, and I continue to be impressed and awed by her exceptional dedication to the welfare of cats, not to mention her big heart. I’m proud to call Robin my friend.

For more information about Kitten Associates, please visit their website. And be sure to check out Robin’s wonderful blog, Covered in Cat Hair, which won the 2011 Pettie for Best Cat Blog.

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