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Is Cat Urine Toxic to Your Health?


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If you’ve ever had a cat who urinated outside the litter box, you already know that the smell of cat urine can not only be very strong, but also long lasting, and that removal can take quite a bit of time and effort. What you may not know is that breathing in cat urine may present a health hazard for sensitive individuals, especially if they are exposed to highly concentrated cat urine, or if exposure happens over an extended period of time.Continue Reading

Removing Cat Urine from Carpet With OdorKlenz Pet Stain Remover


This post is sponsored by OdorKlenz
This post contains affilliate links*

Guest post by Amy Wermuth

While doing a recent renovation on my newly purchased home, I was unsure how to best remove cat urine from the carpet the home came with. I wasn’t sure if I should even attempt such a feat, since I didn’t know what the backstory was with the urine in the carpet. Was it from one cat during an acute situation, or was the urine introduced to the carpet over a long period of time? No matter what, I felt the task of getting the odor out was going to be difficult at best, if it was even going to be possible.Continue Reading