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9 Common Household Hazards for Cats


I’m a pretty paranoid cat mom and really try to view everything in my home from a cat’s perspective, especially in terms of whether anything could possibly harm Allegra and Ruby. Even though cats tend to not get into as much trouble as dogs when it comes to household hazards, there are still plenty of items that can harm your cats.Continue Reading

E-Cigarettes Are Toxic to Cats


We’ve previously covered the dangers of secondhand smoke for cats: cats living with smokers are twice as likely to develop malignant lymphoma than those in non-smoking households. Cats with five or more years of exposure to tobacco smoke were at more than three times greater risk of developing lymphoma. Studies also suggest a link between oral cancer in cats and exposure to tobacco smoke. Some smokers are now using electronic, or e-cigarettes, and it turns out that the vapor from these devices is highly toxic to cats as well, and can even be fatal.Continue Reading

Top 10 Toxic Substances for Cats


Even though cats tend to be more discriminating than dogs about ingesting random toxic substances, cats do get into the strangest things. With many toxins, immediate emergency treatment is critical to prevent life-threatening complications. The following 10 substances are the most frequently seen toxicology cases in veterinary emergency clinics.Continue Reading