Tipsy Nip Organic Catnip

Giveaway: Tickle Pickle Package


Last week, Allegra and Ruby reviewed several Tipsy Nip™ organic catnip products. These fun toys are made in Vermont from only the best quality materials and ingredients. They created the now famous Tickle Pickle™ in 2007. Two years ago, they upgraded the design and the materials. Their mission is to have a Tickle Pickle™ in every cat home.

And now you can win a package of several of the Tickle Pickle™ toys for your kitties. Package incluces one Tickle Pickle™, one XL Tickle Pickle™, one Tickle Gherkin Pack; and one Purple Haze.Continue Reading

Tipsy Nip Organic Catnip Products Review


Let me just cut to the chase: Allegra and Ruby went nuts as soon as I slit open the package from Tipsy Nip™ Organic Catnip Products, the creators of the original Tickle Pickle™! Even I could smell the catnip before I took the toys out of their plastic wrap. Allegra started chewing on the packages – clearly, I wasn’t opening them fast enough. That is some potent catnip!

The girls were in catnip heaven. We received two Purple Haze Tickle Pickles™, two packages of Tickle Gherkins, a Tummy Tickler, and two Tipsy Nip Organic Cat Grass kits.Continue Reading