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Space Kitty Express: Catnip Alternatives for the Discerning Kitty


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Catnip affects different cats in different ways. Only about 50% of cats are affected by catnip, and not all cats react the same. Kittens are not affected until they’re about two months old (if they fall into the category of cats that do respond). If a kitten hasn’t shown a reaction to catnip by the time she’s six month’s old, she falls into the non-responsive category.

Most cats react to catnip with euphoria, although it can have a calming effect on others. Some cats, however, become so stimulated by the herb that they may release their excess energy by picking fights with other cats in the household, or by attacking their humans. Continue Reading

The Tiger Effect: Why I Use Silver Vine to Successfully Medicate Grumpy Cats


Guest post by Dr. Kristopher Chandroo

Maybe he’s a grumpy tiger you share a living space with. Or maybe you both live on a large park reserve. And you need the tiger to cooperate. The tiger needs to listen to you, and perhaps take food, a treat, or a medication from your hand.

The tiger is faster than you, and stronger. She could take control of the situation at any second.

What do you do?Continue Reading