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Use your arts and crafts talent to feed shelter cats and win a phonecall with Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy

Stray Cat Alliance

Do you have a knack for arts and crafts? Do you enjoy making collages? For the months of May and June, your talent could not only help feed shelter cats, you could win a phonecall with Jackson Galaxy.

Jackson is spearheading a Pet Postcard Project campaign to benefit one of his favorite organizations, The Stray Cat Alliance in Los Angeles. has agreed to donate up to 15,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew, based on how many postcards the public sends in. For every additional one thousand postcards, will donate an additional one thousand meals. That’s a lot of food for shelter cats!Continue Reading

Giveaway: Enter to win Nature’s Logic natural raw or canned food for your cat and your favorite shelter

Nature's Logic on The Conscious CatNature's Logic feline products

I am very careful when it comes to recommending food for your cats. Unless I either have personal experience with a diet, or have thoroughly researched one, I’m not comfortable making recommendations. I like what I feed Allegra and Ruby, and I won’t use them as product testers for testing diets or treats whose claims I can’t verify. However, I can take a close look at diets I haven’t tried and evaluate them based on my criteria for what constitutes a species-appropriate diet for cats.

My first criteria is always that a feline diet must be completely grain-free, and it must be canned or raw. Continue Reading

Help bring some joy to shelter animals this holiday season

Santa Paws Drive

Shelter animals are often overlooked during the busy holiday season. The Santa Paws Drive wants to change that. The drive is dedicated to helping shelter animals have a happy holiday season. With your help, Santa Paws wants to make sure they get the love, attention and gifts that our pets are so fortunate to get, at the holidays, and every day.

Now in its third year, Santa Paws Drive is the first “virtual toy drive” for pets. You can donate either cash or gifts, and the Santa Paws elves will divide up the goodies and money and send them off to six shelters across the world. This year’s goal ist to raise $900 plus collect lots of toys and treats for each shelter.Continue Reading

Help feed shelter cats with Jackson Galaxy and the Pet Postcard Project

Jackson Galaxy and Caroline

Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell and cat listener extraordinaire, teamed up with The Pet Postcard Project for the months of June and July to provide 15,000 free meals to two cat rescue organizations Jackson has purrsonally selected, Cat House on the Kings in California, and Blind Cat Rescue in North Carolina.

For this campaign, has generously pledged 15,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew for Cats to the two organizations in conjunction with Halo Purely For Pets.
Each rescue has 2 months to bring in 1000 cards each and they will earn 5000 meals each for their shelter. The rescue who brings in the most cards by the end of July will get an additional 5000 meals.

The Pet Postcard Project was created by Nikki Moustaki, who started the project as a way to help raise awareness and funds/food for rescue animals.

Here’s how you can help, and it won’t cost you a cent. All it takes is a little creativity. Simply create a postcard with a cat theme – it can be from photos, or hand drawn, or a collage.  Let your imagination go wild!

Mail your finished work of art to:

The Pet Postcard Project
678 Ninth Avenue, #321
New York, NY 10036

Watch Nikki Moustafi explain the project:


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Up close and purrsonal with Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell”

A Cat Day on Earth

Today’s post is a little different from our usual fare.  When Janiss Garza, the human behind Sparkle, the award winning author, premiere feline advice columnist and feline supermodel, showed me the video she produced for the One Day on Earth project, I knew I wanted to share it with you. 

The project was meant to capture one 24-hour period,  October 10, 2010, or 10-10-10, that documented the human experience all over the world.  Janiss and Sparkle decided to document a 24 hour period of feline life.   It’s a video about the feline experience, but it’s also about the human experience, because, as Sparkle says in her blog, “it is humans who can make a difference.”  So without further ado, here is A Cat Day on Earth:


Want to see more of Sparkle?  Check out her books, Dear Sparkle – Advice from One Cat to Another and Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice from the World’s Foremost Feline ColumnistYou can also purchase her award winning calendar featuring stunning photos of the beautiful Sparkle.

Help bring Christmas joy to shelter animals

Guest post by Dorian Wagner

Our pets at home are lucky. They get showered with gifts, love and attention for the holidays. We wrap their gifts, unwrap them with them and watch how happy they are to play with a new toy. Yes, they have it good, and they know it.

But what about shelter animals? They deserve a little holiday joy, too! They deserve catnip mice and squeaky toys and tuna-flavored treats and pull toys! They deserve to know someone cares about them. And that’s where Santa Paws Drive comes in.

Santa Paws Drive started as just an idea by myself to create a program similar to the U.S. Marines’ “Toys for Tots” program, but for animals. They collect toys and distribute them to needy children – and I wanted to do the same, but for needy cats and dogs in shelters. But I didn’t want to just donate a few toys to my local shelter, I wanted to make a bigger difference for more animals… all over the world.

And so I reached out to a few good friends who are well-known in the pet-blogging and Twitter world: Salina Gannon of (her expertise helped create the “store” and donation process, Lynn Haigh of (her dog tweets as @frugaldougal and has raised thousands of dollars through Pawpawties!) and Kerri Schlack of (who raises foster kittens and, she and her husband are web design experts).

And somehow, what seemed like a crazy idea became a reality! We created and the first-ever “virtual toy drive” was officially set into motion! Last year, we raised over $7,000 in cash and toy donations, and now, for our second year, our goal is to raise even more!

To pick our six Santa Paws Drive shelters, we took nominations and made our choices based on need, location and nomination note. All the shelters are no-kill, non-profit organizations. We also tried to choose smaller shelters who don’t have much opportunity for larger-scale funding. Three are located in the U.S., one is in Canada, one is in the UK and the other is on the island of Tenerife, off the coast of Africa.

We truly wish each of these shelter animals could find their forever homes for Christmas, but if they can’t, we at least want to make their holiday and merry as can be. If you can spare a few dollars to help put a smile on a dog or cat’s face, we’d truly appreciate your donation!

To help support Santa Paws Drive, you can simply visit and choose to donate either money or toys and treats. Every single dollar helps! You can also place the widget or a badge on your blog to help spread the word (and please do!).

Help us make this Christmas as happy as can be for shelter animals!

Dorian Wagner is the creator of Your Daily Cute.