Purrs of Wisdom

Sunday Quotes: Chaos and Stillness


It’s hard to maintain one’s center when the world around us is getting more insane every day. Today, I’d like to share something Mitra Rahbar, a spiritual teacher, healer and poet, posted on Facebook the other day.  I printed it out, because I find that I need to be reminded to disconnect from the madness when I find that my anxiety is edging off the charts.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Don’t Give Up


If I had a dollar for every meme I’ve seen about 2020 being the worst year ever, I’d be starting to accumulate a small fortune. Some of them are wickedly funny, but while I’ve been guilty of sharing some of the better ones on social media, I’m starting to think that maybe we need to change our thinking about this year. Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Unshakeable


Don’t you wish you could remain balanced and step through these turbulent times with the kind of confidence the kitty in the photo above displays? Becoming unshakeable in the middle of the storm that life has turned into is becoming more and more challenging, but it’s something worth striving for.Continue Reading

Sunday Quote: A Better Future


We’re six months into this pandemic now, and the future doesn’t look any more certain than it did when all of this first started. But then, I suppose, that’s always the case. We never know what the future will bring. It just feels so different right now because we’re dealing with uncertainty at unprecedented levels. Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Stick with Love


This past week has been one of the most turbulent in our country’s history. For many who are already feeling anxious due to the pandemic, recent events added an additional layer of distress.

This site is about cats, but over the last few Sundays, in addition to the usual cat photo with a quote, I’ve been offering suggestions on how to cope with the emotional fallout from the pandemic, even if that advice wasn’t always cat-centric. Your feedback has confirmed that you’re finding my ruminations helpful, so for now, I’m going to continue to share my thoughts, suggestions, and my own experience on how to cope.Continue Reading