Purrs of Wisdom

Conscious Cat Sunday: 3 Simple Ways to Get Into (and Stay in) The Flow


The “flow” is a much batted about term in self-improvement circles. It is also sometimes referred to as the “zone.” When you’re in the flow, you’re completely absorbed in an activity. Your perception is heightened, you’re feeling a sense of joy, and you’re probably losing all track of time. You feel in tune with who you really are. You’re at peace.

What you experience when you’re in the flow is complete mindfulness.Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Pause and Reflect Between the Years


I’ve always used the time between Christmas and New Year’s to reflect back on the year that is about to pass, and to set some intentions for the year to come. The Norwegians actually have a name for this week: “romjula.” “Rom” means ”room” or ”space.” Romjula is the ”space” between jul (Christmas) and nyttår (New Year). To me, there’s something magical about this space between the years. Continue Reading

Coming in June: Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style

Conscious Cat Sunday: Live a Life of Passion


I believe that we are happiest when we allow ourselves to life a life of passion. I’ve been on a journey of following my bliss for more than two decades now, and I’ve been fortunate that for the past fifteen plus years, I’ve been able to do work I’m passionate about, from working in and eventually managing a veterinary hospital to my current incarnation of writing about and working with cats.Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: When a Friend of the Heart Moves Away

friend- moving-away

The one thing in life that you can count on is that things change. Some changes are planned, others are unexpected. Over the course of my life, I’ve found that most, if not all changes, have been for the better, even when it sometimes didn’t feel that way while I was going through the inevitable upheaval change brings. But I’m having a hard time looking at one of the most recent changes in my life as something positive. Last month, one of my closest friends moved all the way to the other side of the country. Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Celebrate Your Senses


Our senses are how we connect with the world around us. By seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting, we appreciate life in its fullness as both an individual and a shared experience. Most of us are blessed with five fully functional senses, and it’s difficult to imagine how to get through life without any one of them. But how much time do you spend on a daily basis truly appreciating all of your senses?

I’m pretty sure cats appreciate their ability to smell every moment of every day – because that’s one of the primary ways they experience the world. Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: A Weekend Without Wifi


I’ve previously written about the benefits of unplugging, and about how difficult I find doing it. No matter how much Allegra and Ruby remind me that there’s more to life than technology, whether it’s via walking across the keyboard or chasing each other around my monitor, or, as in the photo above, Ruby insisting that I get out of the way so she can watch some cat videos, I still find it very challenging to completely disconnect from all of my devices. Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Feeling Restless?


Do you ever feel restless? Do you get that nagging feeling that something should be happening, or is about to happen? You’re slightly on edge, maybe fidgety, and there’s a nagging sense of “there’s got to be more than this?” Your cats give you the stink eye because from their perspective, your energy is all messed up?Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Are You Asleep at the Wheel?


Are you content like a cat in a sun puddle with your life? Are you happy with the choices you made that got you to this point? Or are you so busy just getting through your daily to do list that you don’t have time to pay attention to your life?

I was listening to an old Matchbox 20 album the other day, and there were two lines in the lyrics of “Sleeping at the Wheel” that really struck a chord with me:Continue Reading