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Review: Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Turkey and All Meat Freeze Dried Chicken Treats


Three weeks ago, I introduced you to Only Natural Pet, a Colorado-based online retailer of natural pet products. While I’ve been a customer of ONP pretty much since its inception in 2004, I never actually tried any of their own products. I had a chance to select a few products for review, and today, I’d like to share my, and Allegra and Ruby’s opinion, of two of them with you.Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: Simple Solution 30-Day Litter


There were a lot of innovative new cat litters at Global Pet Expo, from alternative litters made from corn, recycled paper and walnuts to more environmentally friendly and lighter weight clay litters. One of the most intriguing new litters I saw was the new Simple Solution 30-Day Litter.

I’m well aware of the controversy around clay litter, but I’ve found that many cats don’t like the alternative litters. And no matter how much the human “in charge” may like the idea of these more environmentally friendly litters, ultimately, the cat calls the shots!

Simple Solutoin 30-Day Litter is a clay litter, but unlike traditional bentonite clay litters, Continue Reading

Review: Spenser Pets Self-Warming Cat Bed


Allegra and Ruby are always eager to assist with product reviews, but reviewing the self-warming cat bed from Spenser Pets was the first time I asked them to be asleep on the job – and they were very happy to oblige!

Spenser Pets believes that pet furniture should be as stylish as people furniture, and they’ve certainly achieved that goal with this beautiful cat bed. Ruby asked for the pink color (well, okay, I did!). Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: SwiPets Pet Hair Removal Product


I’m always a little skeptical when I hear claims like “world’s best product.” But sometimes, a product really does live up to its claim, and the SwiPets Pet Hair Removal Product is one of those products.

This clever product is nothing more sophisticated than a glove. You can’t get much simpler than that, right? The glove is made from a blend of spandex and nylon,coated with what the company calls a “high tech coating” said to effortlessly remove pet hair from furniture, clothing and hard to reach places with a simple swipe of your hand.

And boy, does it work! Continue Reading

Review: Bird Catcher PRO EX


Allegra and Ruby got their first package of the new year the other day: they received two of the brand new Bird Catcher PRO EX teaser wand toys in the mail! They previously reviewed the Bird Catcher Pro, which they still love to play with.

This new and improved version of the popular toy features a fully extendable and retractable rod and two Ultra Guinea Fowl Feather refill replacement feathers. They toy comes in a nice storage bag that holds the rod and the feathers.Continue Reading

Review: Neko Napper Pet House


The Neko Flies interactive cat toys are a perennial favorite at our house. When we heard that Nekochan Enterprises, the makers of Neko Flies, launched a new line of cat beds, we couldn’t wait to get our paws on one. We were sent the Neko Napper for review, and Allegra and Ruby were up to the challenge!

This adorable little hideaway is made from supersoft, plush, curdoroy covered cushions. The house comes in three easily assembled pieces (the roof attaches to the base of the house with zippers and velcro,) making it easy to fold away for storage or travel. The sleeping pad is machine washable. At 16.5” x 18” x 16.5,” this house is a nice size even for larger cats.Continue Reading

Review: Handmade Cat Wand Toys from Design 4 Paws


I’m always on the lookout for good interactive cat toys. They’re such a great way to keep your cats stimulated both mentally and physically, and they allow both you and your cats to get in on the fun. Since cats tend to get bored with the same old toys, it’s a good idea to have a variety on hand.

I was thrilled when Natalie Koukouli, the founder of Design 4 Paws, offered to send me a couple of her unique creations so Allegra and Ruby could test them. We received the Sofa Rod and the Ribbon and Circles toys, pictured below.Continue Reading

CarPET Scratch Stopper Review: Protection for Your Carpets


Most cats don’t like closed doors. This is certainly true at our house. The only time I close a door is when we have a service person come, and I need to keep Allegra and Ruby safely out of the way. Unfortunately, Allegra in particular gets so stressed when she’s locked up, she starts to frantically claw at the carpet near the door to “dig” her way out of the closed room. As a result, the carpet near the doorway in the guest bedroom, where I tend to close the girls in when it’s necessary for their safety, is quite frayed, and ripped up at the edge.


The CarPET Scratch Stopper™ is a heavy duty floor mat, similar to the ones you can get to put under a rolling chair in a carpeted office. The mat is cut to fit under a doorContinue Reading

Review: Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover


When you share your life with cats, cat hair is a fact of life – and one that most of us embrace proudly. But it also means that most of us are constantly on the lookout for products that help us combat cat hair, whether it’s on clothes, bedding or furniture.

I was intrigued when a Conscious Cat reader told me about the Chom Chom Roller, and asked the company to send me one to review.

The ChomChom Roller is an internationally patented device that is said to pick up deeply embedded hair and fragments in sofas, carpets, car seats, beds, curtains and more. According to the manufacturer, moving the ChomChom Roller back and forth creates an electrostatic charge that attracts the hairs to the roller. Continue Reading

Review: Refined Feline Catemporary Castle from


Allegra and Ruby haven’t looked forward to a product review as much as they have to this one in a long time. They’ve been dreaming of owning one of these castles for almost a year, so when offered to send us one, we jumped at the chance!

This artistic, colorful cardboard tower has multiple levels for climbing and perching. It is made of heavy-duty cardboard and supported by metal bars for added strength and stability, but yet, it’s lightweight enough to move from room to room fairly easily. It is designed to support cats weighing up to 25 lbs. Please note that this is the total weight it supports, so  two cats weighing a combined 25 lbs. could occupy the castle.


Even though I’m pretty sure the girls can’t read, they seemed to know the big box was for them. Continue Reading

Review: SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post from MyThreeCats.Com


When asked whether we’d like to review the SmartCat Ultiate Scratching Post, I jumped at the chance. Allegra and Ruby love sisal scratchers, and I was impressed with the description of this particular scratching post:

  • 32″ height allows cats to stretch fully and tone muscles –  I think this is very important for cats.  Most scratching posts are not tall enough to allow for a true stretch.
  • Sturdy 16″ by 16″ base eliminates tipping and wobbling. Too many scratching posts tip over much too easily.
  • Superior to carpeted posts that may snag nails. While I think which type of scratching surface a cat prefers is mostly a case of preference, I do occasionally find carpet fibers snagged in the girls’ nails, especially when we’re getting close to nail trim time.Continue Reading