Review: Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball by Petmate


The Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball provides visual entertainment for your cat. The toy uses sensor-activated action to set the butterfly fluttering within the ball, which taps into your cat’s natural instincts to observe and track prey. The ball is weighted at the base so while it wobbles when your cats bat at it, it still stays upright.Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate


I got a first look at the new Jackson Galaxy Collection from Petmate at Global Pet Expo in March, and again at Superzoo in July. I couldn’t wait to get my  hands on some of the products for Allegra and Ruby, so the girls and I were excited when the package from Petmate arrived last week. We got to test the Mojo Maker Ground and Air Wands, and the Natural Playtime toy assortment.Continue Reading

The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Lets Cats Play the Way Nature Intended


 Now available from Amazon and other retailers

I got a closer look at the new Jackson Galaxy Collection from Petmate at the Superzoo pet product expo in Las Vegas earlier this week. The line, featuring toys, tunnels, wands, hideaways and more, was first introduced at Global Pet Expo in March of this year. This groundbreaking collection of toys was developed by Jackson and is based on his 20+ years of experience of working with cats. Continue Reading

Jackson Galaxy and Petmate Introduce New Line of Cat Toys at Global Pet Expo


Of all the products I wanted to see at Global Pet Expo, I was most excited about getting a first look at the new line of toys created by Jackson Galaxy. Jackson introduced the concept of “hunt, catch, kill, eat” in his wildly successful Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell. The concept revolutionized life for countless cats who had previously been bored house cats with behavioral challenges. Jackson taught cat guardians that cats need an enriched environment and play time to be happy. So if anyone knows how to design the ultimate cat toy, it would be Jackson, right?Continue Reading