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Live Odor Free!® Odor Eliminator (2023 Review)


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Urine odors aren’t much of a problem for us. I scoop the box pretty much right after Allegra uses it, and she’s never once missed the box. I was still interested when Live Odor Free!® approached me about featuring their products, because I’m always looking for safe, non-toxic and fragrance-free household cleaners to share with you. Live Odor Free!® checks all those boxes.Continue Reading

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Review: DooKashi Pet Odor Eliminator Litter Additive


When it comes to litter boxes, the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” most definitely applies. A dirty litter box is a common reason why cats will eliminate outside the box – and can you blame them? How would you like to use a toilet that hasn’t been flushed in days?

I am meticulous about scooping our litter boxes. Since I work from home, I usually scoop as soon as Ruby or Allegra have deposited something in the box, so litter box odors aren’t much of an issue at our house. But even if you’re not home all day, at a minimum, the litter box should be scooped twice a day.Continue Reading

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Review: Fresh Wave Odor Eliminators


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I’m always interested to learn about safe and effective household products, and was intrigued with Fresh Wave, a line of odor-removing products has been around for over 20 years. According to the company, Fresh Wave has been made with natural ingredients since long before natural products became popular. Their products are used in such places as wastewater treatment plants, paper mills,and refineries. I would imagine that if they can work in tough spots like that, they would probably do just fine around pet odors and other challenging odors around the home.Continue Reading

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Pet Stain and Odor Removers That Get the Job Done


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When you share your home with cats, accidents happen. Whether it’s the occasional hairball or litter box issues, most cat guardians are on the quest for the purr-fect stain and odor remover. I thought I’d make things easier for you by recommending a few products that I have tested and use myself, and they really get the job done.

When you choose cleaning products, please don’t use any products that contain chemicals. Many household cleaners contain contain hazardous ingredients such as organic solvents and petroleum based chemicals which can release volatile organic compounds into your indoor air. Some ingredients in household cleaners are known to cause cancer in animals and are suspected human carcinogens. Lysol, Pine-sol and other products containing phenols are deadly to cats as they can cause serious liver damage. Chlorox bleach, especially when concentrated, can cause chemical burns when it comes in contact with sensitive cat paws. Use pet-friendly products instead.Continue Reading

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