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Ellen Carozza, LVT: Passionate About Being a Veterinary Technician, Neonatal Kittens and Quality Health Care for All Cats


This week is National Veterinary Technician Week, dedicated to honoring the unsung heroes of the veterinary profession. When your cat goes to the veterinary hospital, chances are she’s going to spend much more time with veterinary technicians or other veterinary staff members than with the veterinarian. Veterinary technicians are educated in the latest medical advances and skilled at working alongside veterinarians to give cats the best medical care possible.Continue Reading

A Visit with the Kitten Lady


Hannah Shaw quite possibly has the best job in the world. She devotes her life to saving the most vulnerable of cats – neonatal kittens. Since her first rescue eight years ago, Hannah has developed a huge following on Instagram, featuring some of the most adorable photos of kittens you’ll ever see online, but she is about so much more than just cute photos. Shaw has become the go to expert on how to save and raise orphaned kittens. In addition to teaching neonatal kitten workshops at shelters around the country, her website and YouTube channel offer a wealth of resources on kitten care.Continue Reading