medicating cats

Yochabel’s Wisdom: Coping with Cancer


Guest post by Casey Hersch

This is the fourth in a series of posts by Casey Hersch. Casey discusses the many lessons she learned about caring for Yochabel during her illness, including her quest to stop Yochabel’s cancer from growing/spreading, barriers present with senior cats, variations in diet including supplements and herbs, and how to focus on the individual cat’s needs. Yochabel was not only Casey’s feline companion. She left Casey with ways to cope with her own illness, and with a greater sense of acceptance and gratitude.Continue Reading

The Tiger Effect: Why I Use Silver Vine to Successfully Medicate Grumpy Cats


Guest post by Dr. Kristopher Chandroo

Maybe he’s a grumpy tiger you share a living space with. Or maybe you both live on a large park reserve. And you need the tiger to cooperate. The tiger needs to listen to you, and perhaps take food, a treat, or a medication from your hand.

The tiger is faster than you, and stronger. She could take control of the situation at any second.

What do you do?Continue Reading