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Review: Nature’s Cat Litter Mat


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Litter mats can be a great way to reduce one of the messiest aspects of sharing life with a cat. They can help reduce tracking, and keep any accidental spills contained. The Nature’s Cat Litter Mat does both beautifully.

Generously sized, these thick, heavy duty mats come in rectangular and half moon shapes, and in two colors. They are made from commercial grade vinyl that will not slide on your floor and will not crack or rip with normal use. The mats are waterproof and BPA free.Continue Reading

Giveaway: SmartCat Ultimate Litter Mat


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Have you tried litter mats that are more trouble than they’re worth? You may want to give the Ultimate Litter Mat from SmartCat a try. This generously sized litter mat may just be the perfect solution for your litter problems, especially if you use a lightweight litter, which tends to track more than conventional litters. This reversible double layered mat traps litter on contact. It is made of a soft material that it feels good on sensitive kitty paws. Clean up is super easy: all you do is roll it up and dump it out.Continue Reading