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How Often Should You Clean the Litter Box?


When it comes to litter boxes, cleanliness truly is next to godliness. Cats are fastidious creatures. Using a dirty litter box is, at best, uncomfortable for them, and at worst, will cause them to eliminate outside the box.

A dirty litter box, to a cat, is the same as a public restroom with unflushed toilets and toilet paper all over the floor is to us. How many times have you walked out of a restroom like that without using it, no matter how badly you needed to go?Continue Reading

Almost Invisible Cat Litter Solves Litter Box Problems



When I was approached by the makers of Almost Invisible Cat Litter, I was intrigued simply by the product name. I was also interested because this product is distributed by, the largest distributor of Anti-Icky-Poo (isn’t that a great name?!), which has been my ” go to” cleaner and odor remover for decades. I first started using Anti-Icky Poo when I managed a veterinary hospital, and believe me, we dealt with our share of icky odors and stains.

Since Allegra and Ruby have a bad track record when it comes to accepting alternative litters, I declined to review Almost Invisible Cat Litter, but I wanted to introduce you to this product.Continue Reading

Giveaway: Purrify Litter Box Odor Control Formula


Purrify is a new natural, probiotic-based formula designed to eliminate cat odors at their source: the litter box. The concentrated formula mixes with  water to create a solution for controlling odors. The formula contains a blend of viable microbes that  become active and create enzymes when mixed with water.  The enzymes in the solution then bind to and break down organic solids and ammonia. The solution also fights pathogenic bacteria in and around the litter box that may be harmful to cats and cat owners.  One package will mix with  up to 2.5 gallons of spray solution.Continue Reading

Review: Litterbiotic Cat Litter Deodorizer


They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and that is never more true than when it comes to your cat’s litter box. A dirty litter box is a common reason why cats will eliminate outside the box – and can you blame them? How would you like to use a toilet that hasn’t been flushed in days?

I am meticulous about scooping our litter boxes. Since I work from home, I usually scoop as soon as Ruby or Allegra have deposited something in the box, so litter box odors aren’t much of an issue at our house. But even if you’re not home all day, at a minimum, the litter box should be scooped twice a day.Continue Reading

Your Cat’s Litter Box: What Does Your Cat Really Prefer?


Guest post by Lorie Huston, DVM

When cat’s begin to urinate and/or defecate outside the litter box, there are a number of different suggestions that are made to help convince the cat to return to the litter box. As a veterinarian, I’ve had this discussion and made these same recommendations over and over again to my cat-owning clients. I’ve also spoken about them here: Cat Litter Box Problems: What to do When Your Cat Decides Not to Use the Litter Box.

To be blunt, we make many of these recommendations based on experience. However, there is very little scientific evidence that supports them. This article by Dr. Jacqueline Neilson in Veterinary Medicine examines some of the literature available pertaining to cats, cat litter, and cat litter boxes. These are Dr. Neilson’s recommendations based on her review of that literature:Continue Reading

Review: The Cat Whisperer by Mieshelle Nagelschneider


It is heartening to me that we’re seeing more and more books on feline behavior that provide solid, actionable information for cat guardians. Far too many cats are surrendered to shelters, or worse, released into the wild to fend for themselves, because of behavior problems that often aren’t all that hard to fix. In The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do – and How to Get Them To Do What You Want, Mieshelle Nagelschneider explains cat behavior and provides easy-to-follow solutions to common behavior problems.Continue Reading