Guts to Feel Good: A Healthy Inside Leads to a Healthy Outside


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Founded in 2016, AnimalBiome is an emerging start-up company that offers a novel approach to companion animal health – rooted in the science of the gut microbiome. The company grew out of a research initiative by Holly Ganz, PhD at the UC Davis Genome Center called KittyBiome. KittyBiome is a citizen science project seeking to characterize the microbiome of healthy cats and gain an understanding of how a balanced gut microbiome supports overall pet health. Today, the company provides direct to consumer microbial assessment kits for dogs and cats and creates restorative supplements from material sourced directly from healthy pets to combat digestive issues and restore balance to the microbiome.Continue Reading

Kittybiome Project Wants Your Cat’s Poop


Over the past decade, researchers have gained a better understanding of the importance of the human microbiome. We now know that the trillions of bacteria that live in and around our bodies contribute to health or disease, and even change how our brain functions. The human biome is far more personalized than the human genome, and changes on a daily basis.

A group of California-based biologists, headed by Holly Ganz, Ph.D., recently launched the Kittybiome, a citizen science project that could help them better understand the bacteria living in and around our feline friends.Continue Reading