Kathy Ireland

Coming Soon: Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Pet Products


Of all the new products I saw at Global Pet Expo two weeks ago, the new line of pet products developed by former super model turned business mogul Kathy Ireland was the biggest surprise for me. I honestly didn’t expect much from this line. I figured it was simply another celebrity putting her name on a line of ho-hum, mediocre products. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


The cat products in the Loved Ones™ pet product collection are extremely well designed. Continue Reading

Global Pet Expo 2014 Highlights

giant kitten

I spent Wednesday through Friday in Orlando, FL, at the Global Pet Expo. This is the largest trade show of pet products anywhere in the world. There were close to 1,000 exhibitors in almost 3,000 booth in the Orange County Convention Center.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be bringing you lots of cool information about some of the amazing products I saw there, including my choice of best new cat product. Today, I’m sharing some of the highlights of my personal experience with you.

There were two product lines I had been most curious about: The Jackson Galaxy Collection of cat toys developed by Jackson in partnership with Petmate, and the Kathy Ireland Loved Ones pet product collection. I’ll be sharing more details about both collections in a future post. Here’s a sneak peek at The Jackson Galaxy Collection:Continue Reading