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Exclusive discount on Neko Flies toys


Allegra and Ruby love their Neko Flies toys. So does feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, which will return with all new episodes in February. “Nekoflies are great,” says Jackson. “The different attachments make for variety in your play therapy routine, and that keeps things exciting for your cat.”

Allegra and Ruby recently reviewed some of Neko Flies’ newest attachments (Allegra is shown with the Kitticatterfly above) and gave them four paws up. These toys come out almost every day at our house, and the girls never seem to get bored with them.Continue Reading

My Cat From Hell now casting Season 4


You’ve watched Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy come to the rescue of behaviorally challenged cats and their humans for three seasons. Armed with his signature guitar case filled with cat toys, Spirit Essences and other training aides, Jackson trains the humans as much as he trains the cats, since the majority of feline behavior problems are caused by humans who don’t understand cats’ natural behaviors.

This just in: Animal Planet has renewed My Cat from Hell for a fourth season, and they’re put out a casting call for the new season. If you have a cat whose behavioral challenges are driving you crazy, they want to hear your story! It hasn’t been determined which cities they’ll be filming in this season, so this casting call is open to all US locations.

Here’s what your submission should include:Continue Reading

Jackson Galaxy, Spirit Essences and Kitten Associates: a winning combination

I was delighted when I heard that Jackson Galaxy chose Kitten Associates as his Shelter of the Month for the month of September. A portion of all sales from Jackson’s Spirit Essences website for the month will support Kitten Associates.

Kitten Associates is a Connecticut based rescue founded by Robin Olson in 2010. You’d be hard-pressed to meet someone who is more dedicated to saving cats’ lives than Robin. The group’s mission is to save the lives of cats (and dogs, too!), support animal rescue organizations with powerful online marketing tools, and champion legislation for spay/neuter programs to end pet overpopulation.

Kitten Associates also happens to be the rescue group I designated as the recipient of the $1000 prize money for the 2012 Petties. Pettie winners will be announced during a virtual ceremony on October 12.Continue Reading

Allegra and Ruby love their Cat Buddies


Our friends at Spirit Essences surprised Allegra and Ruby with two Cat Buddies last week! They turned out to be a big hit with both girls, and we would expect no less from any toy recommended by Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy.

Ruby immediately began wrestling with Cat Buddy Lola, pictured above. I keep finding Lola in different places throughout the house, even though I haven’t seen Ruby actually drag Lola around. Each Cat Buddy is handmade exclusively for Jackson Galaxy in Honolulu, Hawaii. The toys are filled with cotton batting and certified organic cat nip leaves and buds for long-lasting potency, and they’re nice and durable.


Allegra fell in love with her Mini Krinkle Cat Buddy, which is so new,Continue Reading

Does your home have a cat superhighway?


The term “cat superhighway” was coined by Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy. In most episodes of My Cat From Hell, you can watch him recommend some version of this environmental modification designed to give cats a way to traverse their indoor environment as if they were outdoors.

Cat superhighways are especially important in households with more than one cat. They give cats opportunities to share territory on more than one level, without bumping into each other and creating possible altercations.

A good cat superhighway includes the following elements:

  • multiple lanes offering alternate routes
  • on and off ramps
  • no dead ends
  • rest stops and lookout points

You can create a cat superhighwayContinue Reading

BlogPaws 2012: Catification, cat bloggers and one very special cat


I spent the last three days in Salt Lake City, Utah with about 400 of my fellow pet bloggers at BlogPaws 2012. This was my second BlogPaws experience, and it was even better than last year’s conference in Tysons Corner, VA. From attending top-notch presentations by blogging and social media experts to networking with other bloggers, the weekend was a blur of learning, networking, and socializing.

But as was the case last year, the highlight of the conference for me was connecting and reconnecting with so  many of my blogging friends, including Robin Olson of Covered in Cat Hair, Stephanie Harwin of Catsparella, Joanne McGonagle of The Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club, Tamar Arslanian of I Have Cat, Angie Bailey of Catladyland, Deb Barnes of The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey, Janea Kelley of Paws and Effect, Janiss Garza of  Sparkle Cat, Karen Nichols of Mousebreath, Debbie Glovatsky of Glogirly and so many others. I was especially delighted to finally get to meet Peter Wolf of Vox Felina.Continue Reading

Happy Father’s Day: Meet Some Special Cat Daddies


Thankfully, the stereotype that men don’t love cats is rapidly disappearing. I know we have quite a few male cat lovers among our readers. We think the sign of a good man is that he loves cats!

Today, in honor of Father’s Day, we’re featuring a few of these cat daddies.

Peter Wolf, pictured above with his formerly feral cat Smudge, is a freelance writer based in Phoenix, AZ. He writes about a wide variety of topics, but one topic that is closest to his heart is cats. He advocates for feral cats through his blog, Vox Felina. Peter’s vision is of a society in which all cats are adequately cared for. In addition to Smudge, Peter is dad to six other cats, and he also cares for two colonies of community cats of 3-6 cats each.


Al Chernoff is a member of Rescue Ink, an animal-rescue group dedicated to battling animal abuse and neglect, and educating and informing children and families about the mistreatment of animals.This group of tough-talking, tattooed bikers with hearts of goldContinue Reading

Use your arts and crafts talent to feed shelter cats and win a phonecall with Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy

Stray Cat Alliance

Do you have a knack for arts and crafts? Do you enjoy making collages? For the months of May and June, your talent could not only help feed shelter cats, you could win a phonecall with Jackson Galaxy.

Jackson is spearheading a Pet Postcard Project campaign to benefit one of his favorite organizations, The Stray Cat Alliance in Los Angeles.  Freekibble.com has agreed to donate up to 15,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew, based on how many postcards the public sends in. For every additional one thousand postcards, Freekibble.com will donate an additional one thousand meals. That’s a lot of food for shelter cats!Continue Reading

Cat Daddy release day giveaway: win the audiobook

Book review: Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy


Jackson Galaxy’s long awaited first book, Cat Daddy: What The World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean, is coming out Thursday, May 10. You can still pre-order the book and help homeless cats at the same time: Jackson’s publisher will donate $1 for every pre-order, click here for details on how to make your pre-order count.

If you don’t want to pre-order, you’re going to want to be at the bookstore first thing on Thursday and snatch up your copy of this book. And you’re going to want to set aside a good chunk of time to read it, because once you start, you’re not going to be able to stop.

This book is no ordinary cat memoir, nor is it an ordinary cat advice book. It is an inspirational tour de force that offers an intimate glimpse at Jackson, the man, and Jackson, the Cat Daddy. This is one of the most unconventional memoirs I’ve ever read, but then, I didn’t expect anything less from Jackson.Continue Reading

Meet Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy’s Furry Family Members


Jackson Galaxy is a busy man these days. He just finished recording the audio version of his upcoming book, Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean. He’s gearing up for a book tour to promote the book, which will come out on May 10, and he is currently shooting the first of ten new episodes for Season Three of his wildly successful Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell.

I managed to catch up with Jackson last week while he was on the set of My Cat From Hell. We chatted a little about his busy life, and his book, but what I really wanted to talk to him about was cats. His own cats. Who are the felines he goes home to each night? Do they have behavioral problems, or are the Cat Daddy’s fur children problem-free?

Jackson shares his life with four cats.Continue Reading