Jackson Galaxy

The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Lets Cats Play the Way Nature Intended

Jackson Galaxy On His Work With Lux, “The “911 Cat”


This Saturday on My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy will take on what he calls the most challenging case in the 15 years he has worked with cats: Lux, the Portland cat whose guardians barricaded themselves, their baby and their dog in the bedroom of their apartment and called 911 to request assistance when Lux became severely aggressive.

When the story broke last March, it unleashed a firestorm of reaction among cat lovers, with many, as is so common with these types of stories, jumping to judgment about the situation and Lux’s guardians without knowing all the facts. But there is more to this story than what the 911 tapes revealed.Continue Reading

Pre-Order “Catification” by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin and Help Homeless Cats


You’ve watched Jackson Galaxy transform the lives of cats on his hit TV show My Cat From Hell for the past four years. Frequently, the “fix” involves making adjustments to the cat’s living space, making the term “catification” a household word among cat lovers. In the new book, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You), Jackson has teemed up with cat style expert Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther, to share tips and tricks to catify every living space.Continue Reading

My Cat From Hell Season Premiere


If you’ve been going into My Cat From Hell withdrawal, your wait is almost over: Jackson Galaxy returns to Animal Planet with Season 5 of his hit show this Saturday, April 26. The new season features 16 new episodes. As you can see in the photo above, Ruby is ready to watch and learn!

This season, Jackson travels for the first time to Austin, San Diego and Portland, Oregon to solve a gamut of feline-related issues and repair the relationships they’re ruining. Armed with his signature guitar case and 15 years of experience helping cats, Jackson will help cat guardians find the source of the problem and restore peace and harmony. As we’ve seen in previous seasons, it’s most often the humans, and not the cats, who need Jackson’s help.Continue Reading

Jackson Galaxy and Petmate Introduce New Line of Cat Toys at Global Pet Expo


Of all the products I wanted to see at Global Pet Expo, I was most excited about getting a first look at the new line of toys created by Jackson Galaxy. Jackson introduced the concept of “hunt, catch, kill, eat” in his wildly successful Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell. The concept revolutionized life for countless cats who had previously been bored house cats with behavioral challenges. Jackson taught cat guardians that cats need an enriched environment and play time to be happy. So if anyone knows how to design the ultimate cat toy, it would be Jackson, right?Continue Reading

Global Pet Expo 2014 Highlights

giant kitten

I spent Wednesday through Friday in Orlando, FL, at the Global Pet Expo. This is the largest trade show of pet products anywhere in the world. There were close to 1,000 exhibitors in almost 3,000 booth in the Orange County Convention Center.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be bringing you lots of cool information about some of the amazing products I saw there, including my choice of best new cat product. Today, I’m sharing some of the highlights of my personal experience with you.

There were two product lines I had been most curious about: The Jackson Galaxy Collection of cat toys developed by Jackson in partnership with Petmate, and the Kathy Ireland Loved Ones pet product collection. I’ll be sharing more details about both collections in a future post. Here’s a sneak peek at The Jackson Galaxy Collection:Continue Reading

Cat Mojo with Jackson Galaxy Premieres Today


If you’ve missed Jackson Galaxy and his cat mojo while My Cat From Hell is on hiatus on Animal Planet, fear not, you can now get a daily dose of the Cat Daddy every Monday! Jackson’s new web-based show, “Cat Mojo,” premieres today on Discovery’s Animalist Network. Episodes will be posted on Jackson Galaxy’s YouTube Channel. Today’s episode will go live at 9am Eastern/6am Pacific time.

Each week Jackson will share his thoughts on everything from cat-related issues like declawing and squirt gun diplomacy to his craziest behind the scene stories as a cat behaviorist.  He will address trends in animal welfare and the feral cat issue. Rumor has it he will even share his musical talent on the show. All of this will happen live, and it will be interactive, giving viewers a chance to ask questions.Continue Reading

Jackson Galaxy Names Fancy Cats Resue Team Shelter of the Month


Every month, Jackson Galaxy designates a rescue group or shelter as his Shelter of the Month. I’m delighted to announce that Fancy Cats Rescue  Team, based in Herndon, VA, is his Shelter of the Month for November.

I’ve supported Fancy Cats Rescue team at a number of fundraisers for the past couple of years. This wonderful organization was founded in 1997, and has evolved into one of the largest rescue groups in northern Virginia. Fancy Cats Rescue Team has placed more than 18,000 cats in permanent homes since its inception! A team of over 100 volunteers assists with anything from showing cats to potential adopters at three Northern Virginia Petsmart locations, to fostering, to helping with fundraising and administrative work.Continue Reading

Pre-order Cat Daddy, the Paperback, and Help Homeless Cats


If you watch My Cat From Hell, currently in its fourth season on Animal Planet, you’ve seen Jackson Galaxy demonstrate his almost uncanny ability to connect with troubled cats and their often equally, if not more, troubled humans, again and again. I love watching the transformation his work brings not just to the cats, but also to the humans. And isn’t it almost always the humans who need to change? The cats are just being cats.

Preorder the Paperback or Ebook before May 1oth

If you haven’t already read Jackson’s book, Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Cleannow is the time to order it! The book is coming out in paperback, and Jackson’s publisher, Tarcher Penguin, will donate $1 for every copy of the paperback or ebook ordered before May 10th. Proceeds will go to  Neighborhood Cats, Best Friends Animal Society and Stray Cat Alliance. Continue Reading

My Cat from Hell Returns With 17 New Episodes


If you’ve been going into My Cat From Hell withdrawal, your wait is almost over: Jackson Galaxy returns to Animal Planet with Season 4 of his hit show on April 6. The new season features 17 new episodes.

According to Animal Planet, the new season will test Jackson’s knowledge and maybe even teach this seasoned cat man some new tricks. This season’s line up of cat cases includes felines that can’t control their bladders, kitty turf wars, cat mood swings and a ferocious feline that does severe damage to its 95-year-old owner. Jackson also tackles the human elements at the root of these problems (and as we’ve seen in past seasons, it’s often the humans who need Jackson’s help far more than the cats), including feuding roommates, enabling owners, overbearing cat parents and confused disciplinarians.Continue Reading

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture and Carpets

Ruby with Scratch Tower

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. Cats scratch to groom their claws, the scratching motion helps remove dead sheaths from their front claws (they usually chew them off their back claws).  They scratch to mark their territory. Their front paws contain scent glands, and scratching leaves behind their unique signature on the object being scratched. They scratch for exercise; scratching stretches the muscles in the front legs and all along the back. And they scratch simply because it feels good.

The problem comes in when this natural behavior collides with our living space. Continue Reading