intestinal blockage

Pica: When Cats Eat Strange Things


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Pica is the term used when cats eat non-food items. Most commonly associated with “wool-sucking,” a behavior where cats suck or chew on woolen, cotton or synthetic material, this compulsive disorder can progress to true pica where cats chew on and sometimes ingest anything from wood to litter to plastic grocery bags.Continue Reading

Megacolon in Cats


Megacolon is a condition caused when too much fecal waste accumulates in the bowel. Megacolon can be congenital, but more commonly, it is an acquired condition which can be caused by poor diet, a foreign body in the colon, lack of exercise, or litter box and/or behavioral issues.

Constipation occurs when feces are retained in the colon. Feces become hard and firm, and the longer they stay in the colon, the more water is resorbed out of the colon. Eventually, if these fecal masses aren’t eliminated, the colon will become extended. This can lead to the colon muscles becoming so fatigued and stretched that they no longer function normally.Continue Reading