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The Amazing Story of Lil BUB


It seems that there’s a new feline celebrity on the internet every day. A photo or a video clip goes viral, and before you know it, a meme is born. Among all of these internet cat celebrities, Lil Bub, a dimunitive brown tabby with a protruding jaw and no teeth, stands out.Continue Reading

Why the Internet Loves Grumpy Cat


A snowshoe cat named Tardar Cat became an internet sensation when photos of her permanently grumpy expression went viral.

It’s no secret that the internet loves cats. Currently, the reigning queen of internet cat stars is Grumpy Cat, a one-year-old mixed breed cat with a facial expression that makes her look like she’s permanently grumpy. Just last week, Grumpy Cat won the Golden Kitty, awarded to the best internet cat video at the Walker Center Internet Cat Video Festival in Minneapolis, MN.

How Grumpy Cat Went Viral

Grumpy Cat’s owners had no idea what was in store for them when they posted a photo of the cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, on social network Reddit in September of 2012. Since viewers suggested that the original photo was probably photoshopped, Tardar’s owners posted a series of videos on YouTube. They quickly went viral, and a meme was born.

What is the appeal of Grumpy Cat?

It’s almost impossible not to laugh at Grumpy Cat’s expression. As her internet fame grew, people came up with increasingly funny memes using the small cat’s face. One of the most popular Grumpy Cat meme is the one that is captioned to say, “I had fun once. It was awful.”

Grumpy Cat’s Empire

As of the writing of this article, Grumpy Cat has more than a million Facebook fans and Twitter followers. She has a merchandise ranging from apps to t-shirts, mugs, magnets and more. She even has a line of coffee drinks named Grumpucchino™. She has a book out, and she signed a movie deal.

The real Grumpy Cat

Tardar’s owners aren’t exactly sure what breed Tardar is. She looks like a snowshoe or a Ragdoll, but her parents were a calico and a grey tabby. Her small size and grumpy face are due to feline dwarfism, which may also be the reason why she wobbles a bit on her hindlegs when she walks. She is said to have a very sweet personality.

Tardar is a calm and mellow cat who travels well, but Tardar’s owners try to limit her public appearances. They make sure that these public sessions are short, and that Tardar isn’t handled by too many people. According to her owners, she lives the life of a normal pet cat. She plays, hides and acts like a normal cat. Photo sessions are kept short and limited to about once a week.

There’s no telling what makes a cat so popular on the internet, but it’s hard not to love this grumpy looking little cat.

Photo via Grumpy Cat’s Facebook page.

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Kittywood Studios: Behind the scenes of the most popular cat videos on the internet

 cat with camera

Cat videos are taking over the internet. According to some statistics, 30% of all videos on YouTube are cat videos. You’ve probably seen some of them: Surprised Kitty (52 million views), The Two Talking Cats (44 million views), or Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten (32 million views),  just to name a few.

Did you ever wonder how these viral videos are created? You’ll be surprised to find out that it takes a lot more than a camera and some cute cats. Watch and find out what purrportedly goes on behind the scenes at the filming of cat videos.


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