Hurricane Irma

Mews and Nips: Surviving Hurricane Irma With Seven Cats


As we’re watching the recovery efforts following hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, it has hopefully made all of us think about the importance of having an emergency plan for us and our cats. It probably also made us wonder how we would fare if we had to cope with of these disasters. Earlier this week, award winning author Deborah Barnes shared her experience of going through Irma with her seven cats. Her account of what it was like affected me deeply, and I want to share it with you today. Click here to read her story.

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How Hurricane Irma Was the Ticket to a Forever Home for This Lucky Cat


When Bernadette stopped at the Ormond Beach, FL pet supermarket on Labor Day weekend to stock up on food for 15-year-old Lucy to prepare for Hurricane Irma, she certainly did not expect to come home with another cat. She and Lucy were still mourning the loss of Diz, who died suddenly a month ago, just three days before his 18th birthday. But, as she does at every visit to the pet supermarket, Bernadette stopped to visit the rescue cats at the store. That weekend, the Halifax Humane Society had doubled up the cages in anticipation of the storm.Continue Reading

How You Can Help Animals Affected by Hurricane Irma


I was nervously watching last weekend as Hurricane Irma made its way through Florida. I have a lot of friends in the state. Many evacuated with their cats, some stayed behind. Thankfully, everyone I’ve been worried about is okay, even though some still don’t have power back. Sadly, not everyone in Florida was as fortunate, and it breaks my heart to think of what so many people and animals went through and are still going through.Continue Reading