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Sponsored guest post by Viktoria Harris*

My name is Viktoria Harris. My interest in natural and alternative medicine started when my daughter was born premature with various health issues that required numerous operations, medicines and drugs – some of which caused even more problems for her. It was then that I searched for, and was successful at finding, natural treatments that helped her and did not have the side-effects of regular medication drugs.Continue Reading

Ruby’s Reflections: Ruby and the Stink Bug

cat stuffed toy snuggling cute

It’s been a while since I told you about one of my adventures, and I had a doozie last week. It all began with these new toys that started appearing in our basement a couple of weeks ago. They’re black, kind of ugly, with spindly legs, and they jump all over the place. They also make a really interesting noise. Mom says they’re called crickets.

Well, whatever they’re called, they’re awesome! Not only do they jump around on their own, they’re edible! Allegra and I have so much fun playing with them. And after we catch them, we eat them! How cool is that! We only eat their meaty bodies, though, we leave the legs for Mom to clean up. After all, she should have some fun, too!Continue Reading