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Giveaway: The Cat Caller pet locator and training device

The Cat Caller

Today’s giveaway is for one of the more unique products I’ve seen lately. The Cat Caller is a remote locator that goes on your cat’s collar. A. A wireless remote keychain transmits a unique signal to each individual receiver. There is also a “panic button” that sends a signal to all receivers at once. It is said to work through walls, closets, indoors and outdoors.

The Cat Caller was invented by Pat Hill. Like all good mothers, she worries about her babies. She got frustrated with her cats getting into the most unusual hiding places. They also seemed to have an uncanny way of knowing when she was getting ready to leave the house. We all know that there’s nothing worse than thinking that your cat might be trapped in a closet, or slipped outside unnoticed. Pat worked with an engineer for several years to figure out how to make a receiver that would attach to any collar, be bright enough to see, loud enough to hear and have a range just far enough to be able to do both. And of course, it couldn’t be a nuisance to the cat. The Cat Caller was the result of her research.Continue Reading

Allegra’s World: Conquering Fears


Hi everyone! Today, I get to brag a little about myself!

Those of you who’ve known me for a while may remember that I used to be really scared of loud noises and storms. It wasn’t just thunderstorms that scared me – even a heavy rain storm would make me run for one of my safe places.

I have a bunch of those. My favorite one is behind the shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom. It’s dark and safe down there, and I can’t hear the sound of the rain on the roof or against the windows. I also like to hide inside the kitchen cabinets (and before Mom discovered that hiding place, I scared her really badly when she couldn’t find me anywhere in the house one day).

I know Mom always felt bad for me when I got scared, and she tried everthing she could think of to help me. Continue Reading