Hauspanter TriPod Cat Lounge by Primetime Petz


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It’s no secret that cats love sinks, so the Hauspanther TriPod was designed to create the same feeling. The clear plastic lounge pod gives your cat a purrfect spot to curl up in, and you get your sink back!

Allegra is no sink aficionado, but Ruby loves to hang out in my bathroom sink occasionally. I couldn’t want to find out what the girls thought of this lounge.Continue Reading

Introducing the New Hauspanther Collection by Primetime Petz


Kate Benjamin’s mission is to improve the lives of cats and their humans through design, by showing cat guardians how to create living spaces that accommodate the natural instincts of cats without compromising the human’s sense of style and comfort. Kate has been doing this through her website, Hauspanther, and as co-author, with Jackson Galaxy, of two books on cat-friendly design. And cats’ (and their humans’) lives just got even better: Kate is launching her own line of cat furniture!Continue Reading

Pre-Order “Catification” by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin and Help Homeless Cats


You’ve watched Jackson Galaxy transform the lives of cats on his hit TV show My Cat From Hell for the past four years. Frequently, the “fix” involves making adjustments to the cat’s living space, making the term “catification” a household word among cat lovers. In the new book, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You), Jackson has teemed up with cat style expert Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther, to share tips and tricks to catify every living space.Continue Reading

Allegra and Ruby Love Taffy Rolls


Allegra and Ruby are big fans of all of the Hauspanther toys, and they were more than happy to test their newest offering: Taffy Roll Cat Toys. Are these too cute or what! These bouncy little toys are made with colorful soft fleece. They’re the perfect size for tossing and batting around. They’re lightweight and the ends are easy to grab, making it super easy for kitties to fling them all over the place.

Allow Ruby to demonstrate for you in the video below:Continue Reading

Review: Eco-Friendly Cardboard Cat Toys from Hauspanther


We know cats love cardboard, and we know cats love Hauspanther toys, so I was pretty sure that Allegra and Ruby would love the new line of eco-friendly toys. Hauspanther released their popular Stacks and Atomic Flyer toys in a cardboard version, and surprised us by sending a set to Allegra and Ruby for testing.

The toys were an instant hit. The cardboard makes the toys nice and lightweight, which makes them fly across the floor easily. Allegra had a hard time deciding which toy to play with first!


The new Eco Stacks, shown in the photo at the top of the post, were Ruby’s favorite. Continue Reading